Carnegie Mellon University

Chinese Learning through Cultural Practices and Community

Course Number: 82-139

Taught in English. 

Do you want to apply your learning to some community engagements to share your learning and have some impact? 82-139: Chinese Learning Through Cultural Practices and Community Engagement is where you can immerse yourself in these cultural learning activities through classroom discussions, group collaborations, and hands-on practice. This course aims to help students understand Chinese society and culture through classroom instruction as well as experiential learning. The course is structured to have three major components: (1) classroom learning and discussion (2) immersive hands-on experiences (3) collaborative activities, projects and community engagements. Class activities will include showcases of media, digital and printed materials, lectures and discussion, guest speakers, hands-on practice, field trips, students' oral reports, and presentation of final term projects showcased in community engagements.

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Units: 9
Prerequisite(s): None