Carnegie Mellon University

Natalie Amgott

Natalie Amgott

Associate Director of Online Language Learning

Department of Modern Languages
Carnegie Mellon University
341 Posner Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Education: PhD, Second Language Acquisition & Teaching, University of Arizona (2022); MA French & Francophone Linguistics, University of Florida; BA French & Francophone Studies and Chinese, University of Florida


My interdisciplinary work centers the iterative theory-practice loop of language program evaluation, research, curriculum design, and language teaching. Specifically, my research focuses on how higher education can redesign language curricula to engage students through multimodal and multiliteracies learning – or engaging with images, sounds, texts, and audio made for and by users of a language. In my publications, I have explored how study abroad students in France traverse language, culture, and identity through vlogs and blogs. I have additionally sought to understand how stakeholders experience the implementation of a French multiliteracies curriculum. My work further focuses on how language students leverage embodied modes like gestures and facial expressions when communicating in a second language via video. These research projects have direct applications to instructional design, teaching, and professional development of instructors.

As Associate Director of Online Language Learning, I participate in the evaluation and improvement of pre-existing course offerings as part of the Open Learning Initiative (OLI). I also help to develop new online language courses. By conducting research to understand user (i.e., student and teacher) experiences with the OLI language courses, I aim to triangulate quantitative and qualitative data to optimize user experience for language learning with OLI materials.

As an educator for French courses and Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition courses in the department, it is my goal to cultivate critical thinking and digital literacies that a) help language learners to communicate in diverse contexts, and b) support graduate students in developing applied linguistics research.

  • Multiliteracies and multimodality
  • French & Francophone studies
  • Language program evaluation
  • Technology-enhanced language teaching
  • Second language pedagogies
  • Dissertation Award Finalist for the American Association for Applied Linguistics (2022)
  • Mango Dissertation Award for research on technology and language learning (2021)
  • Andrew C. Comrie Graduate Fellowship for interdisciplinary dissertation research (2021-2022)
  • Excellence in Teaching French Award (Department of French & Italian, University of Arizona) (2018)
  • Facilitator for virtual community “Table Francophone”
  • Ici RDI: Radio Canada Recurring Francophone Panelist for Television on American Election Coverage (2020)

Department Member Since 2022