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Research Opportunities & Funding

Research Opportunities & Funding


SURG, (Small Undergraduate Research Grants) are grants of upto $500 for individuals and $1000 to groups to explore ideas within a structure. Research in the humanities allows you a structured way to explore something about your discipline you would like to know more about with an advisor.

Past projects have included research into YouTube as a forum for literature-read-aloud for students with disabilities, a presentation about “green grandma’s” in Taiwan and a study of historical threats to the bill of rights. If you have an idea, but you are not sure what to do with it, Stephanie Wallach would be delighted to jam with you about it. SURGs can cover printing costs, room-rental fees, cost of DVDs and more.

The application for students in the humanities requires:

  1. an abstract,
  2. a project narrative (the storyof how you will get from idea to goal in a semester),
  3. a description of your planned research process,
  4. your biography,
  5. planned outcomes of the project (what you hope to achieve)
  6. supporting materials,
  7. your proposed budget, and finally,
  8. a letter of support from your proposed research advisor.

For more information on undergraduate research, please check out:
Or contact Stephanie Wallach at
phone: (412) 268-5702