Carnegie Mellon University



Participants include students, faculty, and staff from around Pittsburgh, but the primary audience is CMU humanities graduate students finishing their first year. All participants must attend the entire event, complete the pre-workshop activities, and turn in the short daily assignments. CMU students receiving the A.W. Mellon stipend must additionally complete the assignment at the end of this page.

Before the Workshop

Please complete these tasks:

During the Workshop

Each day will be split into lectures, in which everyone participates together, and breakouts, in which participants will split into smaller groups to get hands-on experience in DH techniques.

On Friday 5/10, participants will receive an email with the breakout sessions they will be attending based on their registration preferences.

Bring laptops to every session, and make sure to install the required software listed in the breakouts page before attending the session.

During the workshop, we encourage you to socialize with groups outside your disciplinary comfort zone during meals, and take notes and have backchannel conversations in our group slack chatroom.

Stipend Assignment

Participants taking the workshop for a graduate stipend must turn in a 3-page critical report describing a tool, technique, or project pertaining to the digital humanities, which will be evaluated as part of the course requirements. The assignment will be due on 5/24, one week from the end of the workshop, and participants are encouraged to work on them collaborivately. More details will be given on 5/17.