Carnegie Mellon University

Breakout Sessions

Participants will partake in one of three breakout workshops, which will be conducted from Tuesday, 5/14 - Thursday, 5/17. You must register for the workshop by Friday, 3/31, and indicate which breakout session you would like to attend. None of the workshops require previous experience in math or programming. 

Network Analysis Workshop:

  1. Federica Pasqualone 
  2. Eunji Jo 
  3. Henry Aceves
  4. Rose Chang 
  5. Maria Ferrato 
  6. Chisom Obasih 

Coding in R Workshop:

  1. Emma Johnson 
  2. Courtney Novosat 
  3. Korryn Mozisek 

ArcGIS Mapping Workshop:

  1. Katie Burch 
  2. Botagoz Tusmagambet
  3. Francisco Bonilla 
  4. Lisa Tetrault 
  5. Alicia Johnson