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Returning to Campus

Last updated: 10/10/22

On Campus Work

As has been the case throughout the pandemic, if you have specific concerns regarding your personal situation:

For CMU employees who have been working remotely, situations for returning to campus will vary.

Individuals will need to work with their supervisors regarding the timing of returning to working on campus. 

Depending upon the programs and services delivered, units may be bringing more or fewer employees back to campus or may employ staggered work schedules or other approaches during this period.

The university no longer requires individuals who have received a COVID-19 vaccination/booster exemption to complete Tartan Testing on a weekly basis, although it is strongly recommended. Tartan Testing is available to all symptomatic enrolled students, and it remains available to all community members who seek an asymptomatic COVID-19 test.

If you need specialized PPE equipment, please email Procurement Services at

Facial coverings both indoors and outdoors are optional for members of our community.

There are several circumstances in which individuals will still be required to wear a high-quality, well-fitting facial covering indoors, regardless of vaccination status:

  • Anyone who has tested positive (wear for at least three days following the seven days of isolation).
  • Anyone who has been a close contact of a positive case within 10 days of exposure.
  • Anyone visiting Tartan Testing or University Health Services.
  • Anyone in a university child care setting, including the Cyert Center for Early Education and The Children’s School.

Employees who suspect they may be sick should not come to their designated work location but stay home and consult their health care provider. If employees begin to feel ill while on site, they must leave the premises, notify their supervisor immediately and consult their health care provider.

Email FMCS to arrange a discussion about enhanced sanitation and disinfection for specific spaces.  

Please refer to the Enhanced Sanitation and Disinfection section of the Minimum Requirements to Return to On-site Work page for more information.

Please refer to the Faculty and Staff Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms section of the Symptoms & Reporting page for more information.

Consistent with CMU’s commitment to maintain the health, safety and welfare of its faculty and staff, the university will provide a reasonable accommodation to eligible faculty and staff who, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, require workplace accommodations to enable them to perform the essential functions of their job, unless doing so would create an undue hardship.

More information on the process can be found at the Human Resources website.

Daily Self-Assessment

The Daily Self-Assessment is a temperature check followed by an online form that consists of a few “yes or no” questions about COVID-19 symptoms, potential close contacts and what to do depending on your vaccination and booster status.

The Daily Self-Assessment is no longer required for faculty, staff and students. It does however remain a recommended mitigation measure and will continue to be available to the entire CMU community.