Outlook 2013-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Outlook 2013

The following documentation is available for Outlook 2013 on Carnegie Mellon's Exchange server. To obtain Office 2013, contact your IT Department Administrator or visit Computer Sales.

Get Started

Email, Contacts and Calendar Basics

Visit Office Support at https://support.office.com/ or search Outlook help for the following:

  • Sending, replying and other basics
  • Signatures
  • Import/export contacts
  • Recover deleted items
  • Create a meeting
  • Respond to a meeting request
  • Forward a meeting



Which email service?Not sure which email service you use? Visit emailtools.cmu.edu. The welcome message will identify you as Exchange, Cyrus or Google.

Need Help?

Contact the Help Center
Phone: 412-268-HELP (4357)
Email: it-help@cmu.edu