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Software Licensing

Carnegie Mellon negotiates volume licenses for many software packages. You may be running some of these on your own Windows, Mac, or Linux workstation. These licenses grant you the right to use the software while you are affiliated with the university. When your association ends, so does your right to use the software and to have it installed on a computer that you own. These rules do not apply to shrink-wrapped software, or to any software that was bundled with your Windows, Mac, or Linux workstation when you bought it; these types of software applications are subject to the terms of the license that came with them.

You'll find a list of software for which there are site or volume licenses on the Software web pages.

Software You Can Take With You and Use in Perpetuity

If you acquired any of the following Microsoft software under the Microsoft Campus Agreement, you can retain a copy of each package on a single computer that you own:

  • a Windows upgrade to the latest available version as of May 2003
  • Office Standard or Professional for Windows up to Office XP
  • Office for MacOS up to Office vX

You are not eligible to purchase upgrades for this software or to receive technical support, but you can use these versions in perpetuity. Refer to the Microsoft Campus Agreement Subscription Student Users Acceptance Form that you signed at the Carnegie Mellon Computer Store when you purchased MSCA software. Students may request a Student License Confirmation form in email.

Software You Cannot Use After Your Affiliation with Carnegie Mellon Ends

Software on the list below has been made available to the Carnegie Mellon community from:

  • a Computing Services software distribution
  • a departmental server
  • an Andrew directory
  • CD distributed from Computer Sales of the University Store

Once your affiliation with Carnegie Mellon ends, you cannot use this software legally and you are obliged to delete it from your computer systems. This is true even if you have paid a fee for the right to use this software or have paid a media fee for it.

Note: There may be other packages in this category that were licensed by your college specifically and about which Computing Services has no knowledge.


Licensing Information

Allegro Common Lisp

Licensed from Franz Inc by the School of Computer Science

Analytica by Lumina Software

Licensed from Lumina Software by Engineering and Public Policy

Oracle Calendar Client

Licensed from Steltor (formerly CS&T) or Oracle Corporation by Computing Services


Licensed from Fetch Softworks by Computing Services

Identity Finder



Licensed from Waterloo Maple Software by Computing Services


Licensed from Wolfram by Computing Services

Matlab and its toolboxes

Licensed from The MathWorks by Computing Services

Microsoft Campus Agreement software not covered by the MSCA in May 2003

Licensed from Microsoft by Carnegie Mellon University, but dropped from the MSCA before May 2003. Software in this category includes FrontPage, Project, Visio, Visual Studio and Visual SourceSafe.


Licensed from Minitab, Inc. by Computing Services

Symantec/Norton Antivirus

Licensed from Symantec by Computing Services



Licensed from SAS Institute by Computing Services. The purchase price of media is not refunded.


Licensed from Insightful by Computing Services

SSH Secure Shell
SSH Tectia Client

Licensed from SSH Communication Security by Computing Services.


Licensed from Starnet Communications by Computing Services. This applies to the restricted and unrestricted versions.

Last Update: 8/4/10