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Physics Department's Barry Luokkala Earns MCS Teaching Award

Barry Barry Luokkala, a principal lecturer in the Physics Department, is this year's winner of the Mellon College of Science's (MCS) Julius Ashkin Teaching Award.

Luokkala, who has managed the department's laboratories for nearly two decades, was praised by his nominators as being an effective teacher and a constant source of new course materials and courses. The nominators said he has dedicated his career to science education at Carnegie Mellon.

This year, Luokkala, who is studying for his doctor's degree, was in charge of two courses-Experimental Physics and Basic Experimental Physics-and taught an MCS freshman seminar in science and science fiction. He is also responsible for maintaining and improving the department's equipment used in lecture and laboratory courses.

"As if his normal duties weren't enough, Barry participates in a wide variety of educational activities and outreach programs," said Peter Berget, associate professor of biology and director of the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences.

Berget said that Luokkala has made significant contributions to the Governor's School, which brings the state's most talented high school seniors in science and mathematics to Carnegie Mellon during the summer to study and explore.

His contributions have included designing team research projects, mentoring students, assisting with the development of the curriculum, and, according to Berget, being "a good listener and unwavering supporter" of the students.

Luokkala's nomination was supported by letters from faculty members throughout MCS and from current and former students.

"I have been very lucky to work with Barry since I arrived at Carnegie Mellon," said Physics Professor Stephen Garoff, Luokkala's thesis adviser. "As a colleague in education, his receipt of the Ashkin Award speaks clearly to all he has accomplished in that arena. He has taught me a lot about education.

"As a scientific colleague, Barry has been great. He's been curious, hard working and organized-all the things that make research sing," Garoff said.

Teresa Sokol Thomas

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