Carnegie Mellon University

Research Participation Program

The Research Participation Program (RPP) is an opportunity for students to experience primary research in psychology, organizational behavior, economics, and marketing first hand in exchange for course credit.


  1. Request account with CBDR on the Participate in Research page.
  2. Assign yourself to each participating course in Sona.
  3. Participate in studies for credit.
  4. Assign credits to desired course (by the deadline) in Sona.

Studies generally become available around the third week of classes and end the last day of classes.

Start early! There are more studies available in the middle of the semester than in the end.

Do not get them! You can cancel your sign up until 24 hours before you are scheduled to arrive. If you realize you cannot make it after the cancellation deadline, please email the researcher(s) associated with the study to tell them you cannot make it. 

Three unexcused no-shows result in a three-month account lockout.