Carnegie Mellon University

Center Resources

In addition to the participant pool and physical lab spaces, CBDR provides a number of additional resources available to its affiliates.

This page contains information about Qualtrics survey software, CARMA statistical and research methods video lectures, and our computing inventory. Find other available resources linked on the side of the page.

Qualtrics Survey Platform

CBDR no longer administers Qualtrics Research Suite/Insight Platform or Qualtrics 360. Please visit the Computing Services web page for all the lastest details on accessing a Qualtrics account.

Note: you must be an active part of the Carnegie Mellon University community to request an account.

For questions or issues with the Qualtrics platform, please reach out to

Inventory of Resources

CBDR has many resources available to reserve for research. In addition to the desktop computers and peripherals (speakers, computer mice, keyboards, noise-reducing headphones) that remain stationary in the labs, a variety of computing resources are available by reservation through the center. For questions about reservations and availability, email

In addition, CBDR has an inventory of other equipment that may be helpful for conducting research. View a full list of our extended inventory.

Resource OS Quantity
iPad  iOS 1
iPad mini iOS 4
Dell Latitude Laptops Windows 7 11
Lenovo ThinkPad T460 Windows 10 10
Lenovo ThinkPad T460s Windows 10 10
Lenovo ThinkPad T480s Windows 10 10

Logging In

All laptops and most desktops can be accessed with your Andrew account. Computers additionally have local participant accounts. Researchers may install software onto the computers with prior approval from the lab manager. Please contact the lab manager for more information about logging into the local participant and administrator accounts.

Data Storage

Please back up your data to protect it. Computers are not wiped daily; however, CBDR cannot guarantee storage on computing equipment. Computers may be wiped periodically and when laptops are returned. Please delete study materials (e.g. installed programs, survey links, videos, etc.) from computers when you are finished using them and prior to returning to the lab manager.

Turning Off and On

For the desktops, please restart after every session, but leave the desktops on to allow them to install updates. For the laptops, please keep off when not in use but turn on to restart periodically, to allow them to install updates.

Troubleshooting and Damage

Please be responsible with the equipment to keep the computers in good shape and to avoid theft. Please report any problems with computing equipment to the lab manager immediately.