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The Carnegie Mellon University Business Engagement team is here to help build bridges between the CMU community and your company. We're ready to work with you to create inspired and inventive solutions and partnerships.

fortner_dennis_700x764.pngMark Nolan

Associate Vice President, Business Engagement and Strategy

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Mark’s work focuses on the development of private sector partnerships in the areas of faculty and student engagement, sponsored research, dramatically increasing the awareness of less-traveled avenues of university-business engagement (i.e., IP, startups, executive/customized education, co-location, etc.) — and leading and collaborating with others to do the same.

Prior to joining CMU in 2016, Mark had extensive experience in university-industry partnerships, government-university-industry programs, tech-based economic development and university-based program design and management. He has worked in corporations and a VC-funded startup and served as a co-founder and/or advisor to university-born businesses and entrepreneurs.

Mark holds a master’s degree from the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a bachelor’s degree in speech communications from West Virginia Wesleyan College. Mark has a passion for gravel cycling, being outdoors, enjoying time with family and friends, storytelling and meeting new people.

fortner_dennis_700x764.pngDennis Fortner

Director, Business Engagement

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Dennis joined CMU in 2017, and prior to his role within the business engagement team, he spent a career in aerospace and defense partnerships including his most recent work overseeing work at Northrop Grumman. Dennis has extensive industry experience in roles such as business development, intellectual property management and contracting between university/industry.

He holds an undergraduate degree in engineering from the New York Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in technology management from New York University.

fortner_dennis_700x764.pngLisa Vento

Director of Operations, Business Engagement

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Lisa oversees and manages the operations of business engagement and acts as a liaison for the team in support of interdepartmental collaboration.

Lisa holds a master’s degree in public management from Carnegie Mellon University and holds bachelor’s degrees in accounting and German from the University of Pittsburgh. She is a Certified Research Administrator (CRA) and an active member of the Society of Research Administrators International (SRAI). She serves as a member on the University of Pittsburgh’s Women’s International Club Nationality Room Program and German Room Committee.

unknown-2.pngKari Carbone

Executive Assistant, Business Engagement

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ccoleman_350x382_2.pngChris Coleman

Associate Director of Operations, Business Engagement

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Chris assists in the management and administrative functions of Business Engagement. Specifically, supporting the Foundation Relations team with processing, reviewing, and accepting awards and ensuring proper stewardship of funds in compliance with sponsor regulations.

Chris has been at Carnegie Mellon University for over a decade and has a background in Grants Administration and Procurement.

fortner_dennis_700x764.pngDave Minicucci

Senior Associate Director, Advancement Research

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Dave is responsible for the data and information needs of the business engagement team as well as colleagues across campus. He works to ensure that the business engagement staff have access to the most timely and relevant information to inform their decision-making when engaging with our corporate and foundation partners.

Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Duquesne University.

unknown-2.pngAndrew Schilffarth

Development Associate, Business Engagement

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