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Welcome to the Undergraduate Research Office

At Carnegie Mellon, undergraduates are building mobile robots, creating documentary films, investigating cultural trends, and developing new digital communication technology.  These student researchers find themselves in the heart of the University intellectual community, where they discover the thrilling (and often messy) process of creating new knowledge.

We use a broad definition of research that includes appropriate activities in the arts and humanities, as well as the sciences and technical fields: "Research, scholarly, or artistic activities that lead to the production of new knowledge; to increased problem solving capabilities, including design and analysis; to original critical or historical theory and interpretation; or to the production of art or artistic performance."

The Undergraduate Research Office supports student research in every field of study.  We give SURG & SURG/CW grants to cover research expenses, Summer Fellowships for full-time summer research, and Presentation Awards to support students presenting at academic conferences.  In May of each year, we hold our campus-wide celebration of undergraduate research, the Meeting of the Minds.

We also offer help with writing proposals, finding advisors, and applying to academic conferences.  Interested?  Use the links to the left, call us, or drop by - we're here to help you succeed.  So what's your idea?

College-Based Funding Opportunities

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May 10, 2017 - Meeting of the Minds

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