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How Does Active Learning Impact Critical Thinking, Creativity and Innovation?

3-part Institute: Tuesday-Thursday, May 16-18, 9:00 AM-1:30 PM, A-70 Cyert Hall (lunch provided)

A large body of research suggests that active learning improves student outcomes, yet questions still remain. For example, which active learning strategies best support development of critical thinking, creativity, or innovation skills? What implementation strategies enhance or impede the benefits of active learning? This is where you come in (and can make an impact, building on our current understanding of what works best for learning)! Participation in the Institute will enable you to study active learning in your CMU courses, and the Eberly Center will support you in conducting this work, regardless of your prior experience with active learning or education research.

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What will the group do?

  • participate in interactive sessions on classroom research methods;
  • dig into the peer-reviewed literature on active learning; and
  • collaborate with the Eberly Center to design, implement and disseminate studies on active learning in F17 or S18 CMU courses.

What support will you receive? We’ll help you:

  • craft a research question OR investigate a question from our list;
  • design and implement active learning and a study in one of your F17 or S18 CMU courses;
  • smoothly and efficiently navigate the Internal Review Board process;
  • collect, analyze and interpret data on student learning; and
  • disseminate findings at CMU and beyond.

What will you gain?

  • results to present and/or publish (on the impact of active learning in your course);
  • an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to conspicuous gaps in educational research;
  • a network of CMU colleagues pursuing classroom research; and
  • a toolkit of skills to carry forward in your teaching.

Who’s eligible to participate? 

  • All faculty (tenure, teaching and research tracks; adjunct, visiting and special faculty)
  • from all disciplines at CMU;
  • who are teaching face-to-face, hybrid, or online CMU courses in Fall 17 or Spring 18;
  • who would consider implementing active learning and collecting data in their courses; and
  • with or without prior experience in teaching with active learning or in conducting Teaching as Research

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