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Executive Branch Members

The Executive Branch of the Student Government is composed of the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Student Body Vice President for Finance, Student Body Vice President for Organizations, the Undergraduate Student Senate Chair, and the Graduate Student Assembly President.

As elected representatives of both the undergraduate and graduate student populations on campus, the Executives work to improve the overall student experience. While each year the Executives make their own agenda regarding the projects and initiatives that they want to work on, their main jurisdiction always involves the support of student organizations.

Student Body President


Lindsay MacGillivray

Lindsay is a senior, working on a unified double major in biology and psychology with a minor in BME. As Student Body President this year, she is incredibly excited to be working with other student's to help better the "CMU experience." Hailing from a small town in Maine, Lindsay has fallen in love with Pittsburgh over the past three years and considers exploring all parts of the city to be one of her main goals in the year that remains. She works with Student Life as a Resident Assistant, enjoys any and all IM sports, sings, pushes buggy, and is passionate about community service. She also enjoys travel and spent this past summer volunteering as a teacher in Kenya.



Student Body Vice President


Ian Glasner


Ian is a junior from California with a double major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Business Administration. He is the Community Advisor for the Residence on Fifth and a founding member of CMU in Haiti. Ian enjoys greek life, intramural sports, political debate and sushi.




Student Body Vice President for Finance


Jalen Poteat


Jalen is a junior, majoring in statistics. During his time at CMU, he was been apart of Student Senate, the Committee on Student Organizations, and the Joint Funding Committee. Jalen enjoys comics, reading US political news, and watching theatrical productions.


Student Body Vice President for Organizations


Corinne Rockoff


Corinne is a senior, double-majoring in International Relations and Politics and Psychology. She spent last year working with the office of the Vice President of Finance to help organizations from the financial side, and she’s excited to work with CoSO and UCAB this year to guide organizations from her new position. When she’s not taking meetings as VPO or in class, she’s busy being a TA on campus, writing her senior honors thesis, or working on projects as a part of Greek life.


Graduate Student Assembly President


Patrick Foley


Patrick is from Arizona, the best of the states, with the best of collegiate basketball teams. He is in his fourth year in the PhD program in Statistics and is studying medical imaging. Patrick has a math degree from Harvey Mudd and a finance degree from Claremont McKenna. He enjoys political gossip.


Undergraduate Student Senate


Lukas Ronner


When he's not busy chairing senate or working away in the lab (or doing both at the same time with my computer), Lukas enjoys playing music, acting/writing/directing for S'n'S (shout out to "Tisbert," our sketch comedy troupe), reading, cooking, eating, and sitting around in his living room and engaging in casual banter with his roommate, Wyatt. Community politics has a special place in his heart, and when people have problems, he likes fixing them.