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The McWilliams Presidential Fellowship in the Mellon College of Science

MCS is adjusting the McWilliams Presidential Fellows nominations timeline to better align with the University's announcement of the other Presidential Fellows. The proposed nominations will be due from the department heads by Feb. 29 with full nominations of up to 2 candidates per department due by Mar. 23.

The McWilliams Presidential Fellowships in the Mellon College of Science are selected each spring. Each department may nominate up to two students.

Thanks to a very generous gift from Dr. Bruce McWilliams (S '78, '78, '81), an endowed fund has been established to provide fellowships to graduate students in the Mellon College of Science studying in an area where Carnegie Mellon has a comparative advantage and where research is at an emerging or critical stage. This fellowship will initially focus on students doing research in the areas of nanotechnology, biophysics or cosmology, with the donors' strong preference for supporting chemistry or physics students. The fellowship will provide tuition, stipend and fees for one year, or until the recipient graduates, whichever comes first. Note that the recipient of the fellowship must write to and meet with Dr. McWilliams periodically during and after the fellowship to keep them apprised of ongoing progress.

Each department may nominate up to two students for this award. To be eligible, students must be in at least their third year and have completed all of the requirements for the Ph.D. that are expected at their stage in the program. Nomination packages should include the following:

  • The nominee's statement of his/her research accomplishments, research goals for the next 1–2 years, and how this fellowship would specifically impact their research (2–3 pages),
  • The nominee's up-to-date curriculum vita,
  • One letter of support from his/her research advisor(s) describing Carnegie Mellon's comparative advantage in the student's research area, evidence of the student's current and potential contributions to this area, and the impact of those contributions at the current stage of research, and
  • A second letter of support from a faculty member (either a Carnegie Mellon faculty member or a collaborator from another institution) who is familiar with the student's work and can comment on the stage of the research.

Nominees and letter writers are encouraged to include information that will make the candidate's credentials clear to a selection committee drawn from a broad range of scientific disciplines. This could include comments on the nominee's:

  • outstanding experimental or theoretical results,
  • creativity and initiative,
  • contributions to collaborative efforts, and
  • publications (including comments on the quality of the journals in which they appear).

Copies of the applications should be submitted to Rea Freeland, Associate Dean, at or MI 440-B. Electronic copies are preferred, or five copies of printed material can be submitted. The Dean will appoint an ad hoc selection committee to make a recommendation to him regarding selection of the recipient.

McWilliams Fellowship Recipients