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The University of California Washington Center (UCDC) offers several different services to its population of faculty, staff, and students. All students may utilize the computer lab, IT services, mental health services, and the fitness center.

Computer Lab

Located on the third floor, the computer lab is open 24 hours per day and is a designated quiet zone. Several computers are available and IT services are conveniently located across the hall. For printing needs, a pay-per-print system is available in the computer lab at 5 cents per page for students with a UCDC student ID card.

IT Services

IT services, available 24 hours a day, are located on the third floor of the UCDC building, the same floor as the classrooms and the computer lab, so proper technical support is immediately available when technical difficulties occur. IT services are also available to students who need assistance in trouble-shooting personal computers.

Mental Health Services

Mental health services at UCDC are provided by Parkhurst Associates Mental Health Services (, a private practice group of professionals located at 18th and S Streets, NW. On-site mental health counseling is available on the third floor of the UCDC building. Walk-ins are welcome from 6:00-9:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but students are urged to make appointments. UCDC also offers off-site counseling for students in ongoing therapy. The first two sessions are free, after which students must pay a fee.

Fitness Center

A small 24-hour fitness center is available for use by all faculty, staff, and students. The gym is located on the fourth floor and has standard equipment. If a larger facility is needed, there are several fitness centers in the area that offer discounted rates to students during their semester in Washington: