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Housing and Living in DC

Housing- University of California Washington Center (UCDC)

Students will live at the University of California Washington Center (UCDC) building. Residential apartments are located on the upper floors of the building with classrooms conveniently located on the lower four floors. The building offers 24-hour security, and electronic identification is required for entrance to the residential floors.

Each apartment includes a living room, two bedrooms housing four students, one bathroom, and a kitchen.  The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with standard kitchen appliances, cookware, and dinnerware. Students may take advantage of the UCDC Residential Life staff, fitness facilities, laundry facilities, mailboxes, a student lounge area, and an outdoor deck.

Living in DC

Living in Washington, DC, will provide students with academic and professional growth as well as interesting social and life experiences. DC offers a wealth of museums, restaurants, movies, clubs, sporting events, networking, speaker’s series, and festivals that are readily available to the public. 

Popular resources for events include washingtonpost.com and eventsdc.com.


The Washington Metropolitan Transport Authority (WMTA) is an affordable and convenient way to get around Washington, DC, without the hassle of traffic or parking. Metro stations or stops are located throughout DC and extend as far as the Virginia and Maryland suburbs. Metro passes and fare cards are available for purchase on the WMTA Web site and are easily rechargeable.

Walking and biking through the city is an easy and enjoyable alternative to the Metrobus for the daily commute. Taxicabs offer another quick mode of transportation that is reliable and convenient.

CMU/WSP Spring 2015 students tour the US Capitol

Spring 2015 CMU/WSP students tour the U.S. Capitol.

fall 2014 students tour the White House Press Briefing Room in the West Wing.

Fall 2014 students pose in the Press Briefing Room during the White House West Wing tour.