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Leading thinkers in their respective research areas, affiliates of the Center for International Relations and Politics are firmly committed to improving public policy through distilling policy applications from basic science.  This philosophical orientation to scholarship is reflected in their scientific publications as well as in their popular writings, including opinion essays and smart blogs.  This page showcases affiliates' written work that is particularly relevant to international relations. 


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Professor Kiron K. Skinner
Professor Kiron K. Skinner, CIRP Director, on "American Exceptionalism" (July 3, 2011).
Professor Baruch Fischhoff
Professor Baruch Fischhoff, CIRP Affiliate, on The Emotions of Nuclear Experts” (April 11, 2011).

Professor Allan H. Meltzer

Professor Allan H. Meltzer, CIRP Affiliate: "The Fed Should Consider a 'Bad Bank'" (April 6, 2011).