Fall 2015 IRP Course Offerings-Center for International Relations and Politics - Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2015 International Relations & Politics Major and Minor

Students will need to complete the prerequisites for any course as specified by the instructor.    For time schedules see the Carnegie Mellon University's Schedule of Classes. Please schedule a meeting with your academic advisor before scheduling your classes.

Core Courses

IPS 84-104 Decision Processes in American Political Institutions
IPS 84-265 Political Science Research Methods*
IPS 84-326 Theories of International Relations

 *This course replaces the old requirement 88-251 Empirical Research Methods. This course is not required for students completing the IRP minor.

Students are required to take only one of the following two courses:

Economics 73-100 Principles of Economics
SDS 88-220 Policy Analysis I


Grand Strategy & Political Institutions

History 79-231 American Foreign Policy, 1945- Present
History 79-310

From Al Qaeda to ISIS: U.S. and European Anti-Terrorism Policies, 9/11-Present

Philosophy 80-235 Political Philosophy
IPS 84-362 Diplomacy and Statecraft
IPS 84-380 Grand Strategy in the United States
SDS 88-281 Topics in Law: 1st Amendment
SDS 88-302 Behavioral Decision Making
SDS 88-442 Decision Science in Intergroup Conflict

Economics & Society

BA 70-365 International Trade and International Law
Economics 73-328 Health Economics
Philosophy 80-447 Global Justice
IPS 84-310 International Political Economy and Organizations
SDS 88-411 The Rise of Asian Economies
SDS 88-412 The Economies of Global Warming
SDS 88-419 Negotiation  (International Focus)

International Cultures

English 76-386 Language and Culture
History 79-211 East Asia in the World, 1600-Present
History 79-217 The War in Vietnam
History 79-223 Mexico: From the Aztec Empire to the Drug War
History 79-229 Origins of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1884-1948
History 79-265 Russian History: From the First to the Last Tsar
History 79-282 Europe and the World
History 79-299 Trafficking Persons: Children in a Global Context
History 79-308 Inventing the American Airplane: Technology and Military Aviation, 1898-1945 (mini, 6 units)
History 79-338 History of Education in America
Mod. Lang. 82-304 Francophone World
Mod. Lang. 82-320 Contemporary Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Mod. Lang. 82-333 Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture
Mod. Lang. 82-342 Spain: Language and Culture
Mod. Lang. 82-343 Latin America: Language and Culture
Mod. Lang. 82-344 US Latinos: Language and Culture
Mod. Lang. 82-345 Introduction to Hispanic Literary & Cultural Studies
Mod. Lang. 82-441 Studies in Peninsular Literature and Culture
Mod. Lang. 82-455 Topics in Hispanic Studies

Analytic Methods Prerequisites

Mathematics 21-122 Integration, Differential Equations and Approximation
Mathematics 21-256 Multivariate Analysis
Philosophy 80-210 Logic and Proofs
Philosophy 80-305 Rational Choice