Fall 2014 IRP Course Offerings- 2013 Curriculum-Center for International Relations and Politics - Carnegie Mellon University

Fall 2014 IRP Course Offerings- 2013 Curriculum

Students will need to complete the prerequisites for any course as specified by the instructor.    For time schedules see the Carnegie Mellon University's Schedule of Classes. Please schedule a meeting with your academic advisor before scheduling your classes.

Core Courses

SDS 88-104 Decision Processes in American Political Institutions
SDS 88-220 Policy Analysis I
SDS 88-251 Empirical Research Methods
SDS 88-326 Theories of International Relations

Analytic Methods Prerequisites

Mathematics 21-122 Integration, Differential Equations & Approx
Mathematics 21-256 Multivariate Analysis
Philosophy 80-210 Logic and Proofs
Philosophy 80-305 Rational Choice


Grand Strategy & Political Institutions

History 79-203 Social and Political Change in 20th Century Central and Eastern Europe
History 79-231 American Foreign Policy, 1945- Present
Philosophy 80-235 Political Philosophy
SDS 88-210 Comparative Political Systems
SDS 88-281 Topics in Law: 1st Amendment
SDS 88-302 Behavioral Decision Making
SDS 88-309 Judicial Politics and Behavior
SDS 88-362 Diplomacy and Statecraft
SDS 88-414 International and Subnational Security

Economics & Society

BA 70-342 Managing Across Cultures
BA 70-365 International Trade and International Law
Economics 73-328 Health Economics
Economics 73-394 Development Economics
History 79-206 The European Union at the Crossroads
Philosophy 80-348 Health, Development and Human Rights
SDS 88-310 International Political Economy and Organizations
SDS 88-391 Technology and Economic Growth
SDS 88-411 The Rise of Asian Economies
SDS 88-412 The Economics of Global Warming
SDS 88-419 Negotiation (International Focus)

International Cultures

English 76-386 Language and Culture
History 79-205 20th Century Europe
History 79-221 Development and Democracy in Latin America
History 79-235
Caribbean Cultures
History 79-236
Introduction to African Studies
History 79-264 China in the Age of Reform (1978-2008)
History 79-265 Russian History: From First to the Last Tsar
History 79-309 20th Century China Through Film
History 79-314 The Politics and Culture of Memory
History 79-381 Petrocultures: How Oil Changed the World
Mod. Lang.
82-304 Francophone World
Mod. Lang.
82-320 Contemporary Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
Mod. Lang.
82-333 Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture
Mod. Lang.
82-342 Spain: Language and Culture
Mod. Lang. 82-343 Latin America: Language and Culture
Mod. Lang. 82-344 US Latinos: Language and Culture
Mod. Lang. 82-345 Introduction to Hispanic Literary & Cultural Studies
Mod. Lang. 82-361 Introduction to Italian Culture
Mod. Lang. 82-433 Topics in Contemporary Culture of China
Mod. Lang. 82-441 Studies in Peninsular Lierature and Culture
Mod. Lang. 82-474 Topics in Japanese Studies
Univ.-wide 99-334 Russia Today (mini, 3 units)