Optional Topical Clusters-Global Studies - Carnegie Mellon University

Optional Topical Clusters

If desired, individual students can select sets of courses that will enable them to concentrate on topics in which they have a special interest. Combining coursework, study abroad, internship and service opportunities, will allow students to develop a regional and/or thematic focus within the Global Studies major. While not required for the major, organizing coursework in this fashion can lend a particular focus to the student’s course of study.  Students should contact the Global Studies advisor for a list of suggested course options to follow a particular topic or focus through the major.  Some potential topical clusters include:

  • Culture, Power, and Political Economy
  • Environment and Development
  • Health, Technology, and Science
  • Art, Religion, Literature, and Media
  • Globalizing Societies, Migration, Social Dynamics and Movements
  • Regional Focuses: Africa, Eastern and Southern Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Middle East, The Americas
  • or any combination of the above topics