eTutoring-Global Communication Center - Carnegie Mellon University


The GCC also offers eTutoring appointments in which you receive a video with your tutor's feedback.

How do I make an eTutoring appointment?

You can make an eTutoring appointment the same way you can make a face-to-face appointment. To use eTutoring, go to our Scheduler and select one of the eTutoring appointments. The eTutoring appointments look like this: 


When you schedule an appointment, you will be asked to provide:

•  a copy of your most current draft
•  a copy of the assignment prompt (or instructions) for the project that you are working on
•  (optional) a model essay, which may be a sample project that your instructor has handed out with the assignment or a course reading that reflects the type of assignment you are being asked to produce.

When scheduling your eTutoring appointment, use the “communication goals" box to start a conversation with your tutor about your paper; what do you want your tutor to know to best meet your communication needs?

Within 24 hours of the appointment time you select, you will receive an email with a link to a screen capture video providing feedback on your project.  This video will be posted on a private YouTube channel that only you have access to.   The video will contain suggestions for improvement, questions that will help you think through your project more deeply, mini-lessons on communication topics, and links to relevant resources.

What are the advantages of eTutoring?

  • Clients who cannot attend appointments during the GCC's normal hours may benefit from the flexibility of eTutoring, since you can watch your feedback video at your convenience.
  • eTutoring is ideal for those who cannot make it to Hunt Library: for instance, students from CMU's satellite campuses.
  • Non-native English speaking students who have occasional trouble understanding spoken English may particularly benefit from the video format since they can replay sections of the video to double-check their comprehension.

Who should use eTutoring?

  • eTutoring is appropriate for you if you already have a draft of your project and if you have specific questions or concerns about your draft.
  • You must be able to wait 24 hours for a tutor's response to your project.
  • Must have a good Internet connection that will allow you to stream a YouTube video.
  • eTutoring is not ideal for planning and brainstorming sessions since you cannot ask questions or respond to questions your tutor may have.