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Upcoming Workshops

The Global Communication Center  offers several workshops each semester.  These workshops are free and are open to all CMU students, faculty, staff, or alumni.  More information and links to register are below.

Adding Coherence to your Writing (Making Complex Writing Intelligible)

Monday, October 27, 2014
Steinberg Auditorium, Baker Hall A53

This workshop teaches you a simple, but effective, principle for connecting sentences and paragraphs, called the known/new contract (also referred to as the old/new or given/new contract).  Following the known/new contract becomes increasingly important as the subject matter you are writing about grows in complexity.  If you have ever been told that your writing sounds “choppy” or “incoherent”-- or if you just want advice on how to help readers follow your ideas--you will benefit from this workshop.  Pizza provided.  Register at GCC Eventbrite.

Creating Scientific and Research Posters

Monday, November 10, 2014
Steinberg Auditorium, Baker Hall A53

This workshop provides advice on designing effective scientific research posters.  This workshop will focus on how to design effective scientific research posters.  We will discuss good and bad examples of scientific posters and then teach you how to use emphasis and create a compelling visual "story" or narrative about your research project and findings.  You will learn about how to use whitespace effectively and how to employ some basic visual design principles. Pizza provided. Please register at GCC Eventbrite.

Communicating Data to Non-Experts

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Steinberg Auditorium, Baker Hall A53

In your professional life, you may often have to present technical data to non-expert audiences such as managers, clients, politicians, or members of the general public.  This workshop teaches you principles for creating graphs and tables that non-experts can understand.  You will learn to think of your data as a story that needs to capture the audience’s attention, and you will be introduced to strategies for minimizing distractions to this story so audiences can quickly grasp your main point. Pizza provided. Please register at GCC Eventbrite.

Grammar Group

For the Fall semester, the GCC will be offering weekly grammar groups on Tuesdays from 11-12.  Each week, we will cover a different type of sentence or paragraph and practice by creating original sentence or paragraphs modeled on that type.  There will be approximately 30 minutes of homework for participants to complete prior to each session. You may sign up for just one weekly meeting or you may come every week.  Each week is limited to 10 participants.  We will be meeting in the conference room near the GCC on the first floor of Hunt library. If interested, please sign up at

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