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The Global Communication Center offers several workshops each semester. These workshops are free and are open to all CMU students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty, staff, or alumni. These workshops are appropriate for students at all levels of study, in the sciences and humanities.  

Making the Case for Your Research in Your Abstract, Introduction and Literature Review

This workshop will teach you four steps that make the case for why your research is an essential contribution to the field. These four “moves” turn your research into a compelling narrative and highlight the importance and innovation of your work, especially when communicating to a non-specialist audience. These well-established moves can help you structure the abstract, introduction and literature review of journal articles and papers, in both the sciences and humanities. They can also be applied in various other contexts, including conference presentations, application materials, and grant proposals.

Making the Case for Your Research PowerPoint 

Improving the “Flow” of Your Writing

If you have ever been told that your writing is “choppy” or does not have any “flow,” you will benefit from this workshop. This workshop teaches you a simple – but effective – principle for improving the logical flow between sentences and paragraphs, called the Known/New Contract. This crucial rhetorical principle will help an audience follow the progression of your ideas and arguments, in both the sciences and humanities. As the subject matter you are writing about grows in complexity, following the Known/New Contract becomes increasingly important.

Improving the "Flow" of Your Writing PowerPoint

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