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Students may make an appointment for one-on-one collaboration and instruction with a GCC tutor during any of our available hours.  Appointments are 50 minutes long.  You may make same-day appointments, or schedule your appointment in advance.  CMU faculty, staff, and sponsored accounts may make same-day appointments only.  We are located on the first floor of Hunt library.

We are open for Summer 2015, Monday through Thursday with eTutoring on Sundays. 

Instructions for making an appointment

Upload your draft TWO HOURS before your appointment

When you schedule an appointment, please upload:

•  a copy of your most current draft

To make your GCC consultation as productive as possible, tutors arrive early to read through your materials and prepare for your session. If you do not upload a copy of your draft 2 hours in advance, your tutor will take up to 15 minutes (out of your appointment time) to review the draft. 

To upload your draft: After you have completed your Appointment Form, you will be directed to a screen that states you have successfully made an appointment. UPLOAD YOUR ASSIGNMENTS ON THAT SCREEN by clicking on the "Click Here" link.

Successfully made an appointment, click here to attach files

OR, upload a draft by clicking on the YELLOW FOLDER ICON underneath your name on the homepage. 

Yellow File Folder in the top left hand corner of your screen on WCOnline

If you are having trouble uploading your attachment please email it to us and we will upload it manually and give it to your tutor.

We also ask you provide:

•  a copy of the assignment prompt (or instructions) for the project that you are working on
•  (optional) a model essay (sample project from instructor, article from target journal, etc.) 

Fill out the appointment form

To have a productive session, it is important to give your tutor as much information as possible about your communication goals and assignment.

Be SPECIFIC about your communication goals: What do you want to get out of your session? What specific issues do you want your tutor to address or respond to? What has your professor said you need to work on? This is a chance for you to begin your conversation with us.

Keep in mind that the GCC is not an editing service: Although we can be a resource for improving your grammar, our fundamental objective is to first help make your ideas clear, organized and rhetorically effective.

Explain your assignment:
Your tutor will be able to give you informed and relevant feedback if they understand your assignment, grading criteria and audience expectations. Below depicts an example of an effective communication goal.

Vague_Communication_Goal Revised_Communication_Goal 
"Improve Writing" "I would like to focus on making sure my argument is logically constructed, specifically in the body paragraphs. I'm not sure if my textual evidence provides convincing support for my main argument." 

Waitlist an appointment

 Waitlist Icon of a Clock for adding one's self to the Waitlist on WCOnline
If the appointment time you want is booked, you may add yourself to the waitlist by clicking on the clock icon next to the date. You can then elect to be notified if there are any cancellations.

Our Cancellation and No-Show Policy

It is very important to us to serve as many students as possible.  If you cancel an appointment without notice, you are taking up a resource that other students can be using.  Therefore, appointments that are canceled less than two hours before the scheduled time, will be counted as a no-show.  After two no-shows, students will be blocked from scheduling further appointments until they talk to the GCC Director.