About the GCC-Global Communication Center - Carnegie Mellon University

About the GCC

The GCC is a CLRA certified tutoring program.

The Global Communication Center (GCC) opened in the Hunt library in late 2012. We offer free one-on-one communication tutoring and workshops to undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline. Our tutors are trained to provide research-backed communication strategies on written, oral, and visual communication projects in the sciences and the humanities.  We can help you at any stage of the composing process, from brainstorming and developing content to revising and editing.  

The Global Communication Center is a CLRA certified tutoring program.

The GCC is bringing CMU’s well-established reputation for cutting-edge research into the realm of communication. Our goal is to prepare CMU students for an interconnected world. In other words, we want to help students develop a rhetorical awareness that enables them to navigate and respond to a variety of communication problems in academic and professional contexts. Our mission is to strengthen the overall education of CMU students, and help them become leading communicators in diverse global contexts.  

In addition, the GCC mission includes providing individualized assistance and support for faculty as they develop, present, and respond to communication assignments.  The GCC director can help faculty articulate their criteria for successful communication in their discipline and conduct workshops tailored to specific assignments or communication needs.  The GCC can also facilitate peer review sessions and individualized workshops for specific classes. 

Our director, Professor Joanna Wolfe is an internationally recognized expert on engineering communication and has extensive experience with academic and professional writing in a range of disciplines. Professor Wolfe holds a Ph.D. in rhetoric and and is an active researcher in communication studies and pedagogy.  She intends to make the GCC a leader in providing cutting-edge communication instruction and support to CMU students and faculty.