Carnegie Mellon University

M.A. Program in Philosophy

The M.A. Program in Philosophy provides exciting opportunities to pursue post-graduate studies in Philosophy for students with a degree in Philosophy who wish to continue their work in a more focused and advanced way, as well as for students with a degree in another field who wish to add a concentration in Philosophy. Two areas of specialization are offered in line with the distinctive strengths of the Philosophy Department that are not reflected in its other graduate degree programs, namely Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science. The latter specialization offers emphases in Mathematics, Psychology, Physics, and the Social Sciences. The course of study is very flexible, and can be tailored to a student's interests and background.

The Philosophy Department offers qualified MA students up to a 50% tuition fellowship, added to whatever outside fellowships or other tuition awards the student has gained on her or his own. In addition, qualified M.A. students have the opportunity to serve as teaching assistants or graders for undergraduate courses, for a stipend rate set annually by the department. In the 2015-2016 academic year, by TAing or grading one course per term for each of two terms, an M.A. student earns $8,000 in stipend. In addition, the department provides approximately $1,100 to cover the cost of a Carnegie Mellon health insurance policy.

The M.A. program ordinarily requires two years of coursework. Students are not required to write an M.A. Thesis, although there is an option to do so. The normal full time graduate course load in Philosophy is a minimum of three (12 credit) courses per term, for a total of (at least) 144 credits. Students must pass all required courses with a grade of B or better. In order to receive a masters degree, students must have a cumulative QPA of 3.25 or higher

Advanced students can sometimes complete the program in a single year (including the following summer), corresponding to the fifth year of the combined 5-year B.A./M.A. degree. Also, there is a part-time version M.A. program, designed for students, such as qualified CMU staff employees using their staff benefits, who are able to pursue graduate study with only 1 or 2 courses per term.