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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The 2014 Student Writing Award Winners

Adamson Awards

Each year the Adamson Student Writing Awards are presented for students who excel in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screenwriting, and writing for academic journals. The awards are given in honor of Pauline B. Adamson at the bequest of her husband, the late Clarence H. Adamson, as a testimonial to their marriage and her interest in the English Language and American Literature. Winners are selected by off-campus writers and the awards are presented at a formal event in the spring. Below are the winners of the 2014 Adamson Student Writing Awards:


First Place: Samuel French

Second Place: Matthew Mastricova

Third Place: Laura Berry

Honorable Mention: Christopher Sickler

Hilary Masters Award in Literary Nonfiction

Sophie Zucker


First Place: Elana Goldberg

Second Place: Matthew Mastricova

Third Place: Rachel Bullen

Honorable Mention: Ivy Krislov, Snigdha Roy


First Place: Hannah Dellabella

Second Place: Rebecca Cobetto

Third Place: Samantha Dickinson

Honorable Mention: Sarah Horner, Christopher Sickler


First Place: Laura Berry

Second Place: Joshua Claudio

Third Place: Thomas Moore

Honorable Mention: Connie Chan, Linus Hamilton