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Project Volumes

Project Volumes are areas of disk space that are distinct from your private Andrew File System (AFS) disk space; Project Volumes must be requested. Some examples of how Project Volumes are used:

  • to accomodate storage of a large number of files associated with a project when there is not enough space in your personal account.
  • when other people need access to the project files and you don't want to use your personal account.


The following Project Volume types are available:

Course Project Volume

  • Granted to faculty or teaching assistants to support course work.
  • Web publishing is available through publishing (course.web).
  • Created in the /afs/andrew/course/ tree.

Organization Project Volume

  • Granted to faculty or staff organizations. Also granted to student organizations/interest groups that are sponsored by a faculty or staff member. 
    Note: Instead of an Organization Project Volume, student organizations that are recognized by Student Government or the Division of Student Affairs should request a Student Organization/Club Account or inclusion in The Bridge.
  • Currently, web publishing is available through publishing (org.web).
  • Created in the /afs/andrew/org/ tree.


  • Typically granted to departments (CS, CFA, etc.)
  • Created in the /afs/andrew/yourdeptname/

Requesting a Project Volume

  • To request a Project Volume, complete the request form.
  • Project Volumes expire one year from the date of creation; email notification is sent in advance.
  • If necessary, you may request an extension for another year.
  • Faculty members: If you plan to assign a project that requires a group of students to request Project Volumes, please forward a description of the assignment to in advance. It is helpful for the Help Center staff to be prepared before receiving a large number of requests.

Ownership of Materials in Project Volumes

Below are general guidelines for ownership of materials stored in project volumes. In this context, ownership refers to intellectual rights to the material in the volume, not the "owner" user ID in the project volume request.


  • Undergraduate research and non-funded graduate research is the sole property of the user for whom the project volume is created.
    Note: Although in this case the data belongs solely to the student, the space is allocated to the academic advisor and the duration of the allocation is the decision of the academic advisor.
  • Funded research is the property of the user, the principle investigator and the university.
  • Teaching materials are the sole property of the faculty/staff member for whom the project volume was created.
  • Project space created for employees for work purposes is the property of their supervisor and the university.


  • Volumes owned solely by the user for whom they were created will be removed from the system when the user leaves the university unless the owner requests in advance that the space and materials be turned over to their department or to a colleague.
  • Except as noted above, volumes will not be removed from the system on or after the expiration date without first attempting to contact the owner or sponsor to determine if an extension is needed.
  • Volumes that are jointly owned will not be removed from the system until the appropriate supervisor or faculty advisor has been contacted.

Last Updated: 8/13/14