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Box File Storage and Collaboration

Box is an enterprise-level file storage and basic collaboration service. It provides an easy-to-use and protected way for you to consolidate your files into 50GB of personal online storage. You can upload and manage your content using a browser or supported app from any web-enabled device. For collaborating you can grant Box users, from anywhere, role-based permissions to your content, and associate tasks and comments with your files.

Features include...

  • 50GB of personal storage
  • Access from mobile devices
  • Apps that extend connection to your Box content, including:
    • Box Sync to auto-sync files between your computer and Box storage
    • Box for Office to access content from Microsoft Office
  • Restore previous file versions
  • Link your Box content in your personal website or blog

Refer to the Information Security Office's Box Guidelines regarding what content is acceptable to store and share in your CMU Box storage.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Create and Access Your Account

  1. Click the Log In button above and then click Continue.
  2. Enter your Andrew userID and password when prompted.

Why should I use Carnegie Mellon's Box service?

A CMU Box account offers features not available with free personal accounts, including role-based access, password protected sharing, file access statistics, full text search, and faster uploads. Plus, CMU Box accounts offer 50GB of free storage with a 5GB file size limit for uploaded files.
Compare this with the following:

  • Free accounts:
    5GB free storage; 100MB limit for uploaded files
  • Free Dropbox accounts:
    2GB of free storage and a 300MB online upload file size limit
  • Carnegie Mellon Google Apps Drive (for undergraduate students):
    30GB of free storage for mail and documents; 10GB online upload file size limit
New Release of Box Sync

Box Sync 4.0 is still being released to those currently using Box Sync 3.0. When the new release is available, you will see an alert in the Box sync application to install it. For more information, refer to the Upgrading to Sync 4 page and the Box Sync Overview page.

Box Sync Supports Mac Package Files

Users of Box Sync 4 are now able to sync Mac package files. For additional information, refer to Box Sync 4.0: Mac Package Support.

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