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Carnegie Mellon Vehicle Electrification Group

The Vehicle Electrification Group at Carnegie Mellon University was founded by Professor Jeremy Michalek and Professor Jay Whitacre in 2009 to study systems-level issues of hybrid and plug-in vehicles. Research thrust areas include:

  1. Technology: Vehicle, battery, and electric power systems, design, control and optimization
  2. Life-cycle: economic, environmental, and energy security implications
  3. Consumer behavior: technology adoption and driver behavior
  4. Public policy: policy-relevant technical findings and policy analysis

Top News

  • Feb 2016 - Study: Coal retirement needed for EVs to reduce air pollution in US PJM [study]
  • Jan 2016 - Study: For automotive sales forecasts, bias isn't always bad [study]
  • June 2015 - Study: Nissan Leaf creates less CO2 than Prius in west US and Texas, more in N. Midwest [study] [press release]
  • June 2015 - Policy Brief: Electric Vehicle Adoption Potential in the United States [policy brief] [video] [Energy Bite]
  • June 2015 - Policy Brief: Electric Vehicle Benefits and Costs in the United States [policy brief] [video] [Energy Bite]
  • Apr 2015 - Study: Charging at night can cause more harm than good [study].
  • Feb 2015 - Study: EV range, efficiency better in mild weather regions [study] [press release] [Science Magazine] [podcast].
  • Feb 2015 - Study: China may adopt EVs first [study] [press release] [podcast].
  • Oct 2014 - Study: Big factories won't make EV batteries cheap [study] [press release].
  • Dec 2013 - Study: EVs cheaper to charge if electricity providers control charging speed [study] [press release] [NYTimes].
  • Nov 2013 - Study: EV adoption limited by residential parking [study] [press release] [NYTimes].
  • July 2013 - Opinion: Vehicle electrification strategy in Carnegie Mellon Today [article].
  • June 2013 - Study: Hybrid & electric vehicles better for city drivers [study] [press release].
  • Jan 2013 - Interview: Prof. Michalek interviewed in The Daily Beast about hybrid and electric vehicles [interview].
  • Jan 2013 - Study: Public charging infrastructure expensive way to save gasoline [study] [press release].
  • Oct 2012 - Study: Three studies optimize plug-in vehicle fleets for minimium cost & GHGs [study 1] [study 2] [study 3]
  • Sept 2011 - Study: Small-battery plug-in hybrids offer more benefits [study] [policy brief] [press release] [magazine article].


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