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Carnegie Mellon Vehicle Electrification Group

The Vehicle Electrification Group at Carnegie Mellon University was founded by Professor Jeremy Michalek and Professor Jay Whitacre in 2009 to study electrified vehicles, including hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and battery electric vehicles. Research thrust areas include:

  1. Vehicle, battery, and electric power systems, technology, design, and optimization
  2. Life-cycle economic, environmental, and security implications of electrified vehicles
  3. Consumer behavior and technology adoption
  4. Public policy

Top News

  • Apr 2014 - Study: Charging at night can cause more harm than good, published in Environmental Science & Technology [study].
  • Feb 2015 - Study: EV range, emissions worse in extreme weather regions, published in Environmenal Science & Technology [study] [press release] [Science Magazine] [podcast].
  • Feb 2015 - Study: China may adopt EVs first, published in Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice [study] [press release].
  • Oct 2014 - Study: Big factories won't make EV batteries cheap, published in Journal of Power Sources [study] [press release].
  • Dec 2013 - Study: EVs cheaper to charge if electricity providers control charging speed, published in Applied Energy [study] [press release] [NYTimes].
  • Nov 2013 - Video: Do hybrid and plug-in cars really save the environment? [video]
  • Nov 2013 - Video: Energy storage and conversion: the next generation [video]
  • Nov 2013 - Study: EV adoption limited by residential parking, published in Transportation Research Part D [study] [press release] [NYTimes].
  • July 2013 - Video: 2-minutes with Prof. Michalek on vehicle electrification strategy [video].
  • July 2013 - Opinion: Vehicle electrification strategy in Carnegie Mellon Today [article].
  • June 2013 - Study: Hybrid & electric vehicles great for city, less so for highway, published in Energy Policy [study] [press release].
  • Jan 2013 - Interview: Prof. Michalek interviewed in The Daily Beast about hybrid and electric vehicles [interview].
  • Jan 2013 - Study: Public charging infrastructure an expensive way to save gasoline, published in Energy Policy [study] [press release].
  • Sept 2011 - Study: U.S. policy favors large-battery plug-in vehicles; small offer more benefits, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences [study] [policy brief] [press release] [magazine article].


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