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Employment Opportunities for Students

Every Spring, Academic Development invites qualified students to apply for positions as Academic Counselors, Peer Tutors, SI Leaders and EXCEL Group Leaders. Applicants are interviewed and then notified whether they have been accepted into an 8-9 week training course and practicum. After successfully passing the training course students are then hired and begin working in the Fall.

Academic Counselor

Academic Counselors (ACs) guide fellow students in developing more effective and efficient study skills. They work with students both in one-on-one appointments and in workshops. ACs are carefully trained to counsel students in time management and organization, overcoming procrastination, taking lecture notes, preparing for exams, avoiding stress, and memory techniques. more...

Peer Tutor

Peer Tutors are usually undergraduates who assist fellow students primarily (but not exclusively) with introductory level math, engineering, science, and writing courses. They staff the walk-in tutoring services in select residence halls and in Cyert Hall. They also pick up standing tutoring appointments as needed. Peer Tutors do not provide answers or solutions to homework assignments but, instead, work with the student in an effort to model problem solving strategies and explain course-specific concepts. more...

Supplemental Instruction Leader

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders are undergraduate students who facilitate weekly interactive, collaborative review sessions that combine what-to-learn with how-to-learn. The leader is responsible for attending lecture for the course that they support and meeting with the professor weekly to clarify course content and material. They must plan and implement their sessions using course content and various instructional techniques that encourage group interaction and study skill strategies. more...

EXCEL Collaborative Group Leader

EXCEL Collaborative Group Leaders are undergraduate students who, after completing required training in collaborative learning techniques; facilitate weekly small-group (usually 6 students) sessions for select courses. EXCEL sessions are interactive and serve to review the material through collaboration of group members, not leader-directed review. The leader is responsible for meeting with professors weekly to clarify course content and material. They must plan and implement their sessions using input from the professor, the students in the group and various instructional techniques that encourage group interaction. more...

application deadline

Recruiting for these positions will begin in the Spring.

3 ways to apply

Read the full job description then: