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Other Resources

Global Communication Center

The Global Communication Center (GCC) is a new resource supporting students' efforts to improve their communication skills and prepare for a complex global economy that not only demands excellence in one’s core area of study but also requires effective and advanced communication practices. The Global Communication Center supports written, oral, and visual communication for any student, at any level, in any discipline, and at any stage of the process. They offer one-on-one tutoring services for students and support for faculty in integrating communication assignments into their curriculum.

There are other online writing resources provided as free services from various universities.

International Communication Center

The Intercultural Communication Center (ICC) offers language support and cross-cultural training to help all students who are non-native English speakers succeed in their academic programs.

Open Learning Initiative

The Open Learning Initiative’s goal is to improve learning—whether you are a student at a college or university or learning on your own. Their courses provide you with targeted feedback and self-assessment tools so you’ll know where you’re excelling and where you need more work.


You will find a continually growing and evolving library of training videos and tutorials covering a wide range of software, technologies and business topics at lynda.com. Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and staff members can take advantage of fee-free 24/7 access to the entire library of training.

Planners and Scheduling Tools

These scheduling tools are designed to help you develop time management charts, avoid procrastination, and take control of your time.

SIO Plan Course Schedule Tool

Students are encouraged to use the plan course schedule tool on Student Information Online (SIO). Using this tool, students can plan schedules for upcoming semesters once the Schedule of Classes is posted. This tool also allows students to send more than one planned schedule to their advisor for feedback and suggestions. The plan course schedule feature makes registering for classes on SIO easier and more efficient. As you make your course selections on SIO, remember to think about:

  • Attempting to select times of the day during which you function best.
  • Leaving time for meals.
  • Having time for intercollegiate sport practices.
  • Scheduling some breaks. More than three straight hours of class may be a lot to manage.