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What is Peer Tutoring?

Peer tutoring is a program designed to assist students with their coursework and it is available in two formats: Walk-in Tutoring and weekly Standing Tutoring Appointments.


Standing Tutoring Appointments may be available for courses not supported by Walk-in Tutoring, EXCEL Groups or Supplemental Instruction (SI). If you need help in a course not supported by these other services, you can request a standing tutoring appointment. Standing appointments are an on-going weekly commitment. Students meet with tutors once a week for one hour at a set time. If you cannot make this weekly commitment, then a standing tutoring appointment is not for you.
Read our Attendance Policy to find out how standing appointments work. Then come in to the Academic Development office in Cyert Hall, Suite B5 to fill out a Tutoring Request Form. We'll do our best to find you a tutor as quickly as possible.

Please note that standing tutoring appointments may involve small group tutoring — individual tutoring appointments are not guaranteed.


Walk-in tutoring is offered at select locations on campus during the fall and spring semesters, and is geared primarily towards large introductory courses. No appointment is necessary.

There is no Walk-In tutoring for the Summer Term

However, you can request a weekly Standing Tutoring Appointment by completing a request form in the Academic Development office, Cyert Hall room B5.

The Fall 2015 Walk-in Schedule will be posted during the second week of classes.

additional resources

physics course center

Additional help with Physics is available through the Physics Course Center in the Fall and Spring. Most of the first year introductory courses have Course Centers. Several days a week, students can walk in to get help in the course they are taking.

international communication center

The Intercultural Communication Center (ICC) offers language support and cross-cultural training to help all students who are non-native English speakers succeed in their academic programs.

global communication center

The Global Communication Center (GCC) is a new resource supporting students' efforts to improve their communication skills. The GCC supports written, oral, and visual communication for all students at any stage of the process. One-on-one tutoring services are offered for students and support for faculty in integrating communication assignments into their curriculum.

Carnegie Mellon students, faculty and staff members can take advantage of fee-free 24/7 access to a continually growing and evolving library of training videos and tutorials covering a wide range of software, technologies and business topics at