EXCEL Collaborative Learning Groups-Academic Development - Carnegie Mellon University

What is an EXCEL Group?

EXCEL groups are small formal study groups that are available for the courses listed below. They offer students the opportunity for extra practice and review with a trained leader in a collaborative learning environment.

How Does it Work?

Groups are formed on an as-needed-basis, according to the students' availability, with multiple groups per course. EXCEL Group sessions are an on-going weekly commitment. In general, you will meet with your group once a week for an hour at a set time. For more details, read the EXCEL Group Participation Guideline [pdf].

How Do I Sign-up?

Register for an EXCEL Group to join an EXCEL group. Phone and email requests cannot be accepted.

Spring 2016 EXCEL Supported Courses

Course #Course NameProfessorGroup Leaders
03-232 Biochemistry I Rule Jamie, Tim
03-240 Cell Biology Linstedt Zeyu
06-261 Fluid Mechanics Jhon Dianna, Sean
06-262 Mathematical Methods of Chemical Engineering Khair Edna, David
09-218 Organic Chemistry II Das Nancy, Susheel
18-100 Intro to ECE Sullivan Reid, Samantha, Joe, Nikhil
18-290 Signals & Systems Sankaranarayanan & Stern Hui Jin, Nitsan
21-127 Concepts of Math Johnson & Szudzik Anirudh, Michael, Zachary, Reid
21-241 Matrices & Linear Transformations Handron & Szudzik Jake, Crystear
21-259 Calculus in 3D Mihai Ross, Bam
33-142 Physics II for Engineering and Physics Students Klein Nigel, Samantha, Astha, Crystear
33-121 Physics I for Science Students Ghosh & Walker Gordon, Erin
33-122 Physics II for Biological Sciences and Chemistry Students Vogel & Evilevitch Nikita