EXCEL Collaborative Learning Groups-Academic Development - Carnegie Mellon University

What is an EXCEL Group?

EXCEL groups are small formal study groups that are available for the courses listed below. They offer you the opportunity for extra practice and review with a trained leader in a collaborative learning environment. Groups meet once weekly and are formed on an as-needed-basis with multiple groups per course. Students may sign-up for a group by coming to the Academic Development office.

Spring 2014 EXCEL Supported Courses

Course #
Course Name
Group Leader
03-232 Biochemistry I Rule Palak
06-261 Fluid Mechanics Jhon Steve & Sam
06-262 Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering Khair Steve & Anand
09-218 Organic Chemistry II Ly Sowmya
18-290 Signals & Systems Sinopoli & Grover
21-127 Concepts of Math Picollelli, Harchol-Balter
& Flaherty
Justin, Fan & Jeremy
21-259 Calculus in 3D Gheorghiciuc Charlie & Mike
33-107 Physics II for Engineering Students Majetich & Klein
Dale & Isaac
33-111 Physics I for Science Students Paulini Isaac
33-112 Physics II for Science Students Klein Isaac