Carnegie Mellon University


Carnegie Mellon University's faculty, staff, students and alumni have earned personal and professional recognition in a variety of fields. Award recipient listings available include:

Alumni Awards

Nobel Prizes
      Economic Sciences    
      Physiology or Medicine

Performing Arts Awards

      Academy Award
      Emmy Award
      Tony Award

American Academy of Arts & Sciences

The National Academies
      National Academy of Medicine
      National Academy of Engineering
      National Academy of Sciences

Professional Achievement Awards
     Dickson Prize
     The Franklin Institute Awards
     Guggenheim Fellowships    
     Honda Prize  
     Industrial Research Institute Medal 
     MacArthur Foundation Fellows    
     National Book Award  
     National Medal of Science
     National Medal of Technology
     Stockholm Prize in Criminology
     Turing Award
     Vannevar Bush Award

Student Awards
      Churchill Scholarship
      Fulbright Scholarship
      Goldwater Scholarship
      Marshall Scholarship
      Rhodes Scholarship
      Truman Scholarship
      Udall Scholarship

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