Carnegie Mellon University

Amy Ogan, Tianjin 2018

A photo of Amy Ogan in Tianjin

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions

Tianjin, People's Republic of China

September 18-20, 2018

Carnegie Mellon University sent a delegation, led by Provost James H. Garrett. The meeting, which carried the theme "Shaping Innovative Societies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution," discussed the essential elements required for creating the innovative societies of the future.

Additional CMU representatives included Amy Ogan, assistant professor in CMU's Human-Computer Interaction Institute, and Po-Shen Loh, associate professor of mathematical sciences, both of who were among the World Economic Forum’s Young Scientists Class of 2018.

Rita Singh, an associate research professor in the Machine Learning for Signal Processing Group in the School of Computer Science's Language Technologies Institute, also attended and demonstrated her voice technology research.

Among one of the featured artists in Tianjin was Madeline Gannon, who earned her Ph.D. in computational design and architecture from CMU's School of Architecture in 2017. Her installation, Manus, featured a set of 10 industrial robots that displayed animalistic behaviors. 

Gabriel O'Donnell, principal research programmer at the CMU CREATE Lab, led a discussion titled "The Big Picture on Cyber-Resilience" where through NASA time-lapse satellite imagery and geospatial and econometric data, he explored the causes and consequences of cyberattacks now and through time.

Farnam Jahanian, 2018

A photo of President Farnam Jahanian at the 2018 Annual Meeting

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

JANUARY 23–26, 2018

President Farnam Jahanian led a contingent of Carnegie Mellon University faculty to the 2018 World Economic Forum where they engaged in conversations about how big data and artificial intelligence are changing the world. 

Among the innovators and scholars in attendance were faculty members Rita Singh, Marios Savvides and Jean Yang, who collaborated for an IdeasLab presentation, "Ultra-Biometrics and Cybersecurity with Carnegie Mellon University."

Randy Sargent and Illah Nourbakhsh of CMU's CREATE Lab illustrated growing global trade, global hunger, migration flow and more with technology out of the lab, EarthTime. 

Justine Cassell, a professor in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, gave presentations focusing on machine learning and the principles that should shape its governance, as well as a session on how to close the gaps in access to information and smart algorithms. 


Justine Cassell, Farnam Jahanian, Illah Nourbakhsh, Randy Sargent, Marios Savvides, Rita Singh, Jean Yang

Erica Fuchs, 2017

A photo of Erica Fuchs from Summer Davos 2017

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions

Dalian, People's Republic of China

JUNE 27-29, 2017

Carnegie Mellon University researchers and scientists played an important role in global discussions at the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions, June 27-29, 2017, in Dalian, China. 

Often called "Summer Davos," the meeting brings together world leaders in business, science, technology, innovation and politics. The theme for the 2017 meeting was "Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution." 


Erica Fuchs, Madeline Gannon, James McCann, Tom Mitchell, Illah Nourbakhsh, Gabriel O'Donnell

SARA, the virtual assistant

Photo of Socially Aware Robot Assistant

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

JANUARY 17-20, 2017

This year’s meeting focused on five critical leadership challenges for 2017 – strengthening global collaboration, revitalizing economic growth, reforming capitalism, preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and restoring a sense of shared identity.

With the theme "Responsive and Responsible Leadership," more than half of the forum’s 400 sessions addressed strategies for fostering greater social inclusion and human development. CMU faculty led several of these sessions. CMU featured SARA, the Socially-Aware Robot Assistant. SARA was the only interactive demonstration in the forum’s main hall and served as a virtual personal assistant for all event attendees.


Justine Cassell, Steven Collins, Adam Feinberg, Illah Nourbakhsh, Randy Sargent, Subra Suresh

Byron Yu, 2016

A photo of Byron Yu presenting in Tianjin

Annual Meeting of the New Champions

Tianjin, China 

June 26-28, 2016

In its 10th year, the Annual Meeting of the New Champions convened under the theme "The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Its Transformational Impact." The summer meeting sought to understand the velocity and extent with which the Fourth Industrial Revolution impacts our world and to identify the rules, values and governance structures necessary for humans to thrive in this new industrial era.

This year's meeting offered over 200 sessions with more than 2,000 participants representing 90 countries. Among the nearly 150 academic leaders in attendance, members of the CMU team participated in various demonstrations and presentations.

CMU Delegation: 

Elissa Aminoff, Justine Cassell, Howard Choset, Paul Dille, Martial Hebert, 
Tai-Sing Lee, Randy Sargent, Byron Yu

Randy Sargent, 2016

A photo of Davos-Klosters in 2016

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

January 20-23, 2016

The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum took place on January 20-23 with more than 2,500 business and government leaders as well as international organizations, academia, civil society, the arts and media in attendance. 

This year's theme was "Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution." Discussions during the forum addressed questions including: How is technology changing our lives and that of future generations?  and How is technology reshaping the economic, social, ecological and cultural contexts in which we live?

CMU Delegation:

Justine Cassell, Lorrie Cranor, Chris Harrison, Andrew Moore, Illah Nourbakhsh, Amy Ogan, Anthony Rowe, Randy Sargent, Subra Suresh

Andrew Moore, 2015

Andrew Moore speaking at WEF in China.

Annual Meeting of the New Champions

Dalian, China

September 9-11, 2015

For the 2015 Annual Meeting of the New Champions, CMU sent one of the largest delegations among all universities participating in the exclusive gathering. Faculty and alumni activities included numerous presentations and demonstrations, as well as curating the first ever robotics exhibition. In addition, CMU faculty and alumni were again among the winners of two of the most prestigious awards presented each year at Dalian. Sophie Lebrecht, co-founder of CMU spinoff, Neon Labs, was named one of 2015's Technology Pioneers. And Louis-Philippe Morency, Assistant Professor, Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science at CMU joined the 2015 class of Young Scientists.

CMU Delegation: 

Jason Hong, Tom Mitchell, Andrew Moore, Louis-Philippe Morency, Daniel Neill, Randy Sargent, Aarti Singh

William "Red" Whittaker, 2015

William Whittaker presenting in Davos in 2015

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Davos-Klosters, Switzerland 

January 21-24, 2015

Under the theme "The New Global Context," the 2015 Annual Meeting focused on the political, social and economic technological transformations that result in a new context for global decision-making. Led by President Suresh, delegates from The Robotics Institute and the School of Computer Science took part in and moderated sessions that discussed the role of robotic technologies in our everyday lives. 

CMU Delegation:

Subra Suresh, Justine Cassell, Illah Nourbakhsh, Anthony Stentz and William "Red" Whittaker