Carnegie Mellon University
March 13, 2023

Organizations To Join on Campus and in Pittsburgh This Women’s History Month

Local organizations, on our campus and within the Greater Pittsburgh area, strive to uplift, empower, and support women all year long. Learn how you can get involved and make an impact today.

At the Tepper School, we know that a tight-knit and inclusive community can make all the difference. In this part of our Women’s History Month celebration series, we are highlighting organizations on campus and within our community that are focused on women’s leadership, support, and belonging. 

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Organizations to Join and Support On Campus 

Staff, faculty member, alumni, or student – there is an organization at the Tepper School and Carnegie Mellon for you. While the organizations listed below are primarily for woman-identifying members, many organizations also welcome allies of all genders. This month, and year-long, we ask that everyone recognize the importance of women’s history and uplift women’s contributions, past and present, to society. 

Carnegie Mellon Women's Association

Membership is open to employees and friends of the university.

The Carnegie Mellon Women's Association (CMWA) seeks to give women of the Carnegie Mellon community the opportunity to meet and interact with other women across campus. Through a variety of programs and social gatherings, members can help to build a greater sense of community life at Carnegie Mellon. Membership is open to all faculty, administrators, trustees, and staff, or spouses/partners and friends of faculty, administrators, trustees, and staff who support the advancement of women in the university community.

Tepper Women in Business (TWIB) and Allies for Gender Equity

Membership is open to Tepper School masters students.

Tepper Women in Business and Allies for Gender Equity is committed to supporting all genders in their development as confident, successful and inclusive leaders; promoting gender equity in the Tepper School community and beyond; creating a supportive environment in which women and allies can thrive through programming on professional development, networking, and educational workshops; and strengthening and growing networks. 

Equilibrium: Women in Economics

Membership is open to undergraduate students.

Equilibrium aims to build a community to connect women in economics, host mentorship opportunities with alumni, provide career development resources, and advocate for gender equality in the field of economics and for workplace issues that affect women. Membership is open to all individuals, regardless of gender, race, or national origin, who support the advancement of women in the field of economics.

Smart Woman Securities

Membership is open to undergraduate students.

Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is dedicated to creating a new generation of female leaders with investment knowledge and financial influence. Through instructive seminars, mentoring initiatives, and meetings with successful investors, SWS provides resources upon which women can build greater knowledge of the financial markets.

The Women’s Network

Membership is open to undergraduate students.

Carnegie Mellon is re-launching the campus chapter of The Women’s Network, the largest collegiate women’s networking organization in the United States. The Women’s Network connects ambitious, high-achieving women and non-binary folks to one another, industry leaders, professional development resources, and career opportunities. Carnegie Mellon’s chapter is open to undergraduate students who are woman-identifying or gender fluid. Applications for leadership positions are open. Contact The Women's Network organizers for more information. 

Women in Business

Membership is open to undergraduate students.

Women in Business is an undergraduate organization focused on empowering women in the workplace through raising awareness about gender equity and professional development. The club serves to help young women in college navigate the professional field and develop personal connections throughout the community.

Strong Women, Strong Girls

Membership in the campus chapter is open to students; professionals may join the Pittsburgh chapter.

Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG) provides mentorship programming annually to more than 1,200 girls from under-resourced communities in Boston and Pittsburgh with the help of more than 525 college women mentors. With 13 college chapters and more than 80 program sites across the two cities, as well as a network of professional women who volunteer as mentors, SWSG champions the aspirations and potential of girls and women by connecting three generations through mentorship. Innovative programs combine the power of mentoring relationships with a research-based curriculum built on the stories of strong female role models to bolster the confidence and skills of girls and young women. Carnegie Mellon is a proud university partner with SWSG; more information on joining the campus chapter can be found through TartanConnect.

Organizations to Join and Support in Pittsburgh 

YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh

The YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh is a member of a nationally-recognized movement with a mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. YWCA Greater Pittsburgh envisions a community that advances education, opportunity, and equity regardless of gender, race, or background. Today, YWCAs combine services and advocacy to foster change in three key areas: racial justice and civil rights, economic advancement and empowerment for women and girls, and health and safety for women and girls.

Women and Girls Foundation

The Women and Girls Foundation (WGF) is a non-profit organization engaged in statewide programming and policy work. The mission of WGF is to achieve equality for women and girls, now and for generations to come. In pursuit of this mission, WGF breaks down barriers so that every girl can rise and every woman can soar. Our vision is for women and girls in Pennsylvania to have equal access, opportunity, and influence in all aspects of their public and private lives.

Pittsburgh Women's Alliance 

The Pittsburgh Women's Alliance, launched with the assistance of Carnegie Mellon student Sara Banten, is an alliance of over 50 women's organizations who share an interest in optimizing our collective impact to attract, retain, and advance diverse professional women in the Pittsburgh region. The Pittsburgh Women's Alliance fosters an inclusive community that connects professional women to individuals, organizations, and development opportunities. Their vision is to make Pittsburgh a foremost region for diverse, professional women to thrive. 

The Women’s Collective of Pittsburgh

The Women's Collective Pittsburgh is a powerful community of professional women that actively shares knowledge and connections, nurtures each other’s growth and celebrates successes together. Members span multiple industries in the Greater Pittsburgh region and provide a welcoming forum that inspires collaboration and camaraderie among working women, as well as offering networking and professional development opportunities. 

The Professional Women's Network

The Professional Women's Network is a dynamic network committed to nourishing women to excel in their personal and professional lives while being a positive and active influence in their communities. Program initiatives include special events, mentorship, and sponsorship, all to help build a strong pipeline of women leaders in Pittsburgh. 

In honor of Women’s History month, we reflect and recognize the power of those who came before us to better appreciate the influence that we now have as individuals, and as a community, in creating The Intelligent Future we wish to live. Check back throughout the month for additional resources, stories, and spotlights on our community. Happy Women’s History Month!