Carnegie Mellon University
December 18, 2023

The Tepper School of Business Partners with Service to School to Support Veterans To Pursue MBA

Sheila Davis
  • Associate Director, Media Relations
  • 412-268-8652

The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University has partnered with Service to School (S2S) to improve the opportunity for highly-qualified veterans to receive an MBA as they transition from military service to the business world.

“Increasing our U.S. veteran enrollment is a strategic priority for the Tepper School,” said J.R. McGrath, Executive Director of Masters Admissions. “Those who have served our country bring invaluable leadership skills and experience that strengthen our cohorts by adding a unique perspective to business management. We are grateful for this partnership and believe it will encourage more veterans to consider the Tepper School for their MBA.” 

To support this priority, the Tepper School has increased its contribution to the Yellow Ribbon program to meet the gap between G.I. Bill funding and the cost of tuition.

Nearly 14% of the Tepper School’s Full-Time MBA domestic students identify as U.S. veterans compared to 6% of the US population in 2022 according to Pew Research. The majority of veterans at the Tepper School have 3-10 years of experience. All candidates must have an accredited bachelor's degree.

“The Tepper School of Business has a distinguished history of embracing veterans and preparing future leaders in business,” said Alec Emmert, Chief Executive Officer of Service to School. “We look forward to supporting their commitment to creating and sustaining a veteran-inclusive campus and community.”

The Tepper School has a veteran’s group, with several members having received coaching through the S2S program and vouch for its value in their educational journey. To build on that, in the spring of 2023, three alumni announced the Tepper BELL Veterans Fellowship to assist U.S. veterans in financial need. Although this partnership is specific to the Tepper School, Carnegie Mellon is committed to providing the best possible services to students eligible for Veterans education benefits.

Founded in 2011 by three military veterans and an admissions expert, S2S has evolved into a national non-profit organization dedicated to connecting military veterans and service members with mentors. It aims to ensure that veterans are not only admitted to but also thrive at the nation's top colleges and graduate schools.