Carnegie Mellon University
March 01, 2022

Celebrating Women’s History Month

A message from the Dean's Office.

What started as a week-long celebration in California in 1978 has grown into a nationally-recognized month of education and celebration. Signed into law by Congress in 1987, Women’s History Month is celebrated every year throughout the month of March. 

The month coincides with International Women’s Day, which is observed on March 8. The United Nations General Assembly declared sponsorship of the day in 1977, citing the following reasons:

“To recognize the fact that securing peace and social progress and the full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms require the active participation, equality, and development of women; and to acknowledge the contribution of women to the strengthening of international peace and security."

For women around the world, this recognition symbolizes the journey in seeking equality and women’s rights, while also providing an opportunity to unite and create meaningful change. 

The ongoing fight for women’s equality continues; women’s rights and opportunities for achievement are at a greater risk today than in recent history in the United States (and around the world): 

  • Women have been disproportionately and negatively impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic;
  • ongoing challenges in the workforce, including in academia and STEM fields, are ever-present as representation remains low;
  • and gender and race pay gaps continue to exist.

While we have made history over the last century and achieved great strides in the women’s rights movement, the ongoing systemic and racial inequities must be addressed, especially in higher education and the business world. 

As a woman serving as Dean of the Tepper School of Business, I recognize this ongoing challenge on a personal level.

I am committed to improving diversity at the Tepper School by increasing the number of women enrolled in our degree programs and growing the representation of women faculty and staff. 

Throughout the month, we will be sharing stories of women student leaders, researchers, and alumni on the Tepper School website and on our social media channels. I encourage all members of our community to read and share these stories to celebrate Women’s History Month and champion our collective achievements. 

The future is ours. Together, we can design an intelligent future where women are equitable leaders and history-makers. To the next generation of business leaders who will transform society and advance people of all genders: Happy Women’s History Month.

Isabelle Bajeux
Tepper School Dean