Carnegie Mellon University
December 08, 2022

2022 MBA Employment Report Highlights Strong Employment Results for Tepper Grads

Tepper MBA students performed well in the job market this year, breaking previous records for employment rates and starting salaries.

The Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business MBA Class of 2022 reported strong employment outcomes. For the first time, 97% of Tepper School graduates received an offer within ninety days of graduation. In addition, the class’s median salary grew 8 percent, to $148,000.

The Tepper School released the Full-Time MBA employment report [pdf] detailing employment outcomes for the 2022 graduating class, including information about industry, function, geography, and compensation.

The report details the success of the class and cites that within three months of graduation, 97% of graduates received an offer of employment, and 96% accepted an offer. The Masters Career Center (MCC) — ranked No. 8 in student and alumni career services by The Economist and No. 9 by the Financial Times — reports that the consulting sector maintained the top industry for graduates with 39% of the class joining consulting firms, followed by the technology sector with 28%, and the financial services industry with 16.4%.

“The outcomes highlighted in this year’s report demonstrate our graduates are continuing to drive the future landscape of business. As a school, we couldn’t be more honored to be a part of that journey,” said Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou, Dean of the Tepper School.

Flexible Recruitment Opportunities

Stephen Rakas, Executive Director of the MCC, has been excited to offer a mix of in-person and virtual recruiting options this year.

“We’ve found that hybrid options allow recruiters and students to reach farther and participate more broadly in both recruiting and those critical networking activities that happen ahead of interviewing,” said Rakas.

“The MCC team works with all recruiters to ensure a seamless and top-quality experience for students and recruiters, regardless of the format they choose. Our alumni and recruiter networks were wonderful during the challenges of the pandemic and we continue to remain grateful for their commitment and adaptability as we all navigate this new hybrid recruitment format.”

Ivy Gong (MBA 2022), an associate at McKinsey and Company, had the opportunity to form relationships with the strong Tepper School community by connecting with alumni through the MCC.

“I conducted many informational interviews with alumni to better understand their role and their firms or companies,” said Gong. “These conversations helped me identify if their organizations were the right fit for me and received advice for the recruiting process.”

Employment by Industry

Employment by Function


Median starting salary


Received offers by three months after graduation

Pivotal Preparations and Foundations

The employment report summary demonstrates the successful outcomes of the Tepper School’s MBA program and how the in-depth learning that happens inside of the classroom provides a strong base for success outside of the classroom.

“Two classes within the Tepper School MBA program that directly prepared me for my current role were Modern Data Management and Big Data,” said Hensley Sejour (MBA 2022) who is a Senior Product Manager for Amazon Web Services. “I felt confident in my abilities when stepping into this role because of the skills and experiences that I gained during my time in the program.”

Kneisha McClinton (MBA 2022), an investment Banking Associate at Credit Suisse, also felt that her education and experiences at the Tepper School prepared her for her career.

“The academic courses both from core classes and concentrations allowed me the opportunities to hone my analytical skills,” said McClinton. “In addition to the course work and being a part of the Graduate Finance Association, the overall Tepper School community provided me with continued exposure to the industry.”

For a comprehensive breakdown of full-time and internship statistics, read the 2022 MBA Summary Employment Report [pdf].