Carnegie Mellon University
April 25, 2022

Introducing the Tepper Together Strategic Plan

A message from the Dean's Office.

As Celebrate Diversity month comes to an end, we look to the future and how we can intentionally carry the significance of the month forward in all aspects of our community. As Dean of the Tepper School, I am committed to making this community and environment one that is more inclusive and diverse, where everyone has a voice and feels a sense of belonging. 

Over the last two years, a task force comprised of Tepper School staff, students, and faculty has been working to make this commitment a reality. Today, I am honored to share the Tepper Together Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) Strategic Plan

The DEI&B strategic plan focuses on specific actions and outcomes. It is an honest look at where we want to go on our journey, the steps we are taking to get there, and the outcomes we will be working to achieve.

I encourage you to bookmark the school’s new DEI&B website. Here you will find the latest news in diversity and inclusion thought leadership from our esteemed faculty, spotlights on our community, updates on our strategic plan progress, and resources for ongoing education. The strategic plan page will be continuously updated as we mark our progress in accomplishing the goals set forth. I encourage you to follow along and celebrate our progress. 

This project has meant so much to me both professionally and personally. I understand, from my own experience, what it feels like to be an outsider in the greater community. I am a Jewish woman in a field heavily dominated by men.

My mother was born in 1933 in Paris. She had to wear the yellow star during WWII and was hidden for four years without her parents. Consequently, growing up, I was advised to keep my Jewish identity to myself.

While everyone's experiences are different and not to be compared, my upbringing reminds me every day to make sure the Tepper School is a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

I want everyone at the Tepper School to feel included, a valued part of the community and equally important to their peers, regardless of their background, identity, or life experience. I welcome your feedback on our strategic plan, and I look forward to implementing these positive changes for our school.

Isabelle Bajeux
Tepper School Dean
Richard P. Simmons Professor of Finance

Thank you to the members of the Tepper School DEI&B task force and project support team:

DEI&B Plan Leads

  • Linda Argote, Senior Associate Dean, Tepper School Faculty
  • Rhonda Fischer, Chief Operating Officer
  • Colleen McMullen, Executive Director, Community and Inclusion

Undergraduate Student Work Group

  • Miguel Alvarez, Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Admissions
  • Clara Burke, Tepper School Faculty
  • Jack Dunbar, Undergraduate Economics Student
  • Jennifer Frick, Carnegie Mellon Career and Professional Development Center
  • John Gasper, Tepper School Faculty
  • Elizabeth Guo, Undergraduate Economics Student
  • Kevin Jarbo, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty
  • Erin Mosher O'Brien, Undergraduate Business Administration
  • Ian Thomas, Undergraduate Business Administration Student
  • Mabel Tsado, Undergraduate Business Administration Student

Graduate Student Work Group

  • Mehmet Aydemir, Tepper School Ph.D. Student
  • Rosalind Chow, Tepper School Faculty
  • Priya Gupta, MBA Alumna
  • Amy Ireland, Tepper School Masters Student Services
  • Lesley Kromer, Tepper School Masters Career Center
  • Lawrence Rapp, Tepper School Ph.D. Program
  • Saloni Shah, MBA Alumna
  • Willem-Jan Van Hoeve, Senior Associate Dean, Tepper School Faculty

Staff Work Group

  • Susan Caplan, Tepper School Executive Education
  • Nicholas Hamilton-Archer, Tepper School Executive Education
  • Steve Rakas, Tepper School Masters Career Center
  • Nancy Snyder, Carnegie Mellon Human Resources

Faculty Work Group

  • Jay Apt, Tepper School Faculty
  • Jeff Galak, Tepper School Faculty
  • Fatma Kılınç-Karzan, Tepper School Faculty
  • Alan Scheller-Wolf, Tepper School Faculty
  • Laurie Weingart, Tepper School Faculty

Project Support Team

  • Aubrey Buberniak, Tepper School Marketing and Communications
  • Rosemarie Lang, Tepper Academic Services