Carnegie Mellon University

The Intelligent Future

September 09, 2021

Carnegie Mellon's Tepper School of Business Launches The Intelligent Future

Dean Bajeux Outlines Vision for the Next Generation of Business Leaders

Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business announced a new forward-thinking branding initiative that interlocks their data-informed and technologically-empowered legacy with inspired human intelligence. This initiative — called “The Intelligent Future” — seeks to promote an ethical, diverse, and disruptive model of business education. Promotional support of this initiative started today.

“We are excited to announce The Intelligent Future, a new branding initiative inspired and shaped by input from our faculty, students, staff, advisors, and alumni, that showcases what makes the Tepper School stand out,” says Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou, dean of the Tepper School.

“This new initiative highlights our ability to transform business education for tomorrow’s leaders. We will demonstrate how we use data, powered by the latest technology, to make better-informed decisions. We will not only support innovation, we will embed it into everything we do to create an environment of informed risk-taking to design an intelligent future.”

The Tepper School has a strong history of interdisciplinary education and championing new models. By collaborating across the Carnegie Mellon campus to inspire the next generation of business leaders, the Tepper School differentiates itself from other business schools. With the ability to leverage technology and analyze data, and by imparting behavioral skills that focus on emotional intelligence, the Tepper School fosters an innovative approach: a future fueled by data, powered by technology, and reimagined by human intelligence. 

“The future needs thinkers who thrive where data and humanity meet. Whose analytical skills drive solutions to the toughest problems. Who can transform teams and companies with rigor, imagination, and a collaborative spirit,” says Bajeux-Besnainou.

“It is up to us, as the bridge between academia and business, to reimagine a better future for society, one that is diverse and inclusive, and puts collaboration and innovation at the forefront."

By providing students with a foundation to solve problems of any variety by utilizing their analytical skills and relying on their emotional intelligence, the Tepper School becomes the Business School for The Intelligent Future.

For more information about the Tepper School’s new branding initiative, visit Why Tepper and learn how we are reshaping the future of business education.