Carnegie Mellon University

Alan Montgomery

September 09, 2020

Alan Montgomery Named New Faculty Head of MSBA Program

Alan Montgomery, Professor of Marketing at the Tepper School of Business, is tapped as the new faculty head of the online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA).

He succeeds Professor Willem-Jan van Hoeve who was recently named Senior Associate Dean of Education. Montgomery has been teaching the Analytical Marketing course in the MSBA program since the program launched in December 2017. His research focuses on e-marketing, clickstream analysis, price optimization, bayesian statistics, personalization, and machine learning.

Integrating Data Science and Business Decision-Making

“A key driving factor in the success of business today is making decisions using data-based methods. One of the elements that makes our program unique is its integration of both data science and business decision-making,” said Montgomery.

“Each of these components can be approached separately, but what I find exciting about the program is that students are constantly driven to integrate them together. It may seem like the greatest challenge for students is the mastery of the science, but I find that the greatest challenge is to be able to communicate analytical knowledge to non-technical associates in a way that can affect decision-making.”

The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University launched its online MSBA program to provide deep analytical skills, business knowledge, and creative problem-solving expertise needed to transform data into better decision-making tools and a competitive advantage for their organization. The program focuses on bringing leading-edge techniques in data analytics into a business context, occupying a niche space on the spectrum between an MBA and a data science degree.

Leading-Edge Curriculum

The online MSBA provides students with leading-edge knowledge, skills, and experiential training in these areas:

  • methodology, including machine learning and optimization
  • software engineering, including large-scale data management and programming in R and Python
  • corporate communication, including communicating with non-technical stakeholders
  • business domain knowledge, including marketing, operations, accounting, finance, and people analytics 

More information about the online MS in Business Analytics is available on the program website.