Partners - Past Community Partner Organizations
Organization / Program
Student Consultant Semester and Year
Final Consulting Report
4 Kids Early Learning Centers Benjamin Vernot Spring 2002 pdf
Addison Behavioral Care Inc. Steven Maher Fall 2005 pdf
Addison Behavioral Care Inc. Animesh Kejriwal & Urs Keller Spring 2003 pdf
Alafia Cultural Services, Inc. Fall 2003
Alcoa Collaborative Jamil Dewji Spring 2006 pdf
Allegheny Commons Jenny Han Fall 2007
Allegheny County Housing Authority (#1) Spring 2004
Allegheny County Housing Authority (#2) Spring 2004
Allegheny General Hospital, Pastoral Care Fall 2003
American Association of University Women Guillaume Pignol Fall 2005 pdf
Angels' Place Zofia Koscielniak Spring 2008 pdf
Animal Friends Spring 2005
Animal Friends Spring 2004
Animal Rescue League Yakov Rabinovich Spring 2007 pdf
Arrepia, Brasil Ben Kluxbull Fall 2008
ASSET, Inc. Edwin Kairu Spring 2007
ASSET, Inc. Paul Harada Spring 2001 pdf
ASTEP at Grace Memorial Presbyterian Church Chris Allwein Fall 1999 pdf
Auberle Spring 2005
Auberle Angela Huh Spring 2003 pdf
Auberle In-Home Services Guinevere Yang Spring 2001 pdf
Bedford Hope Center James Shuma Fall 2002 pdf
Bedford Initiatives Danny Lam Spring 2002
Bethany House Ministry Tom Broughan Spring 2003 pdf
Bethlehem Haven Ujjwal Moitra Spring 2007 pdf
Bethlehem Haven Xihua Chen Fall 2006 pdf
Bishop Boyle Center Toby Goldstein Fall 1999 pdf
Black Men Rising Jesse Mwaura Fall 2007
Bloomfield Garfield Corporation Spring 2005
Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation Bill Oberman Fall 1999 pdf
Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation-Technology Program Michelle Lai Fall 2001 pdf
Borough of Crafton Joseph Arasin Fall 2005 pdf
Boys & Girls of Wilkinsburg Luis Alonson Spring 1999 pdf
Braddock Carnegie Library and Community Center-Education Program Gurukirn Cheng Spring 2002 pdf
Braddock Redux Andrew McGuier Spring 2007 pdf
Brashear Association Fall 2003
Breachmenders Ministries Spring 2004
Breachmenders Ministries Samuel Portnoff & Cameron Williams Spring 2003 pdf
BTC Center Nathan Ide Spring 2002 pdf
Calliope: The Folk Music Society Jonathan Ma Spring 2007 pdf
Calliope: The Pittsburgh Folk Music Society Fall 2004
Career & Workforce Development - East Spring 2005
Career and Workforce Development Center East Fall 2004
Career and Workforce Development, East Fall 2003
Carnegie Library of Homestead Ajay Nair Fall 2007
Carnegie Library of Homestead Margaret Richards Fall 2005 pdf
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Gaurav Sharma Spring 2006 pdf
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Website Stephanie Lo Spring 2006 pdf
Center Avenue YMCA, Allequippa Terrace Outreach Program Erren Lester Spring 1999 pdf
Center Avenue YMCA, Computer Center Jason Grosman Spring 1999
Center Avenue YMCA, Executive Office Aristiwidya Hardjanto Spring 1999 pdf
Center for Creative Play Amanda Bradford Spring 2006 pdf
Center for Hearing & Deaf Services Spring 2005
Center for Hearing and Deaf Fall 2004
Center of Life Fall 2003
Central Academy Stephanie Johnson Spring 2004 pdf
Central New Development Corporation Conrad Woodring Spring 2006 pdf
Centre Avenue YMCA Spring 2004
Child Watch of Pittsburgh Qingyun Christina Gu Spring 2007 pdf
Children Youth Ministry Chris Laskowski Fall 2002 pdf
Children's Museum of Pgh Spring 2004
Christian Life Skills Nancy Chen Spring 2003 pdf
Christian Life Skills Ersin Civanlar Spring 2002 pdf
Citizen's Police Review Board Fall 2003
Citizens to Abolish Domestic Apartheid (CADA) - 1 Leah Miller Fall 2000 pdf
Citizens to Abolish Domestic Apartheid(CADA) - 2 Justin Kenlon Spring 2002 pdf
Community Day School Grant Bartlow Spring 2007 pdf
Community Day School Christina Dinwoodie Spring 2006 pdf
Community Day School Kavita Arora Spring 2006 pdf
Community Human Services Corporation Tony Yeh Spring 2006 pdf
Community Technical Assistance Center Spring 2005
Community Technical Assistance Center Saravanakumar Mariappan Fall 2007
Community Technical Assistance Center Arjun Vasanth Spring 2006 pdf
Community Technical Assistance Center George Davis Spring 2003 pdf
Community Technical Assistance Center Joonho Mark Sim Fall 2001 pdf
Competitive Employment Opportunities Neha Khullar Spring 2006 pdf
Competitive Employment Opportunities Spring 2004
Conflict Resolution Center International Mathias Wenk Spring 2000 pdf
Consumer Action and Response Team Matt Mlinac & Simon Yau Shing Huang Spring 2003 pdf
Consumer Action Response Team Nouha Nouman Spring 2006 pdf
CONTACT Pittsburgh Khalil Snell Spring 2006 pdf
Creative Nonfiction Foundation Orhan Ayasli Spring 2007 pdf
Dance Alloy Theater Eddy Lee Fall 2006 pdf
Division of Applied Research and Evaluation, Office of Child Development, Univ of Pittsburgh Anita Taylor Spring 2007 pdf
Dress For Success Doug Robl Fall 2007
Duquesne-West Mifflin Boys & Girls Club Emmeline Altschul Spring 2007 pdf
Earthen Vessels Outreach Jeffrey Jagoda Fall 2007
East End Cooperative Ministries, Administration & Operations Adam Kenney Spring 1998 pdf
East End Cooperative Ministries, Development Office Daniel Tilkin Spring 1999 pdf
East End Cooperative Ministries, Employment Program Guohong Dong Spring 2000 pdf
East End Neighborhood Employment Center Gaurav Mundra Spring 2001 pdf
East End Neighborhood Forum Sara Epsztein Spring 2000 pdf
East Liberty Development, Inc. Venkatachalam Muthukrishnan Fall 2007
East Liberty Development, Inc. Kenneth Toley Spring 1999 pdf
East Liberty Presbyterian Church & Hope Academy of Music and the Arts Jennifer Cerully & Agata Bugaj Spring 2003 pdf
East Side Community Collaborative Hope Welsh Fall 2000 pdf
Eastminster Child Care Center Sindya Narayanaswamy Spring 2001 pdf
Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center Benjamin Goodrich Spring 2007 pdf
Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center Jay Kothari Spring 2003 pdf
Eastside Neighborhood Employment Center Darin Srivsal Spring 2001 pdf
Eco-Community and Bio-Enterprise Network Crystal Rugege Fall 2008 pdf
Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh Yulian Fedulov Fall 2008
Epilepsy Foundation of Western/Central Pennsylvania Nicholas Haynes Fall 2007
Every Child, Inc. Gautham Ratnakar Spring 2006 pdf
Fair Housing Partnership Herbert Gilliland III Fall 2005 pdf
Fair Housing Partnership of Greater Pittsburgh Gerardo Avilez-Alonzo Spring 2006 pdf
Faison Development & Opportunities Center Eon Soon Kim Fall 2001 pdf
Fame Spring 2004
Family Services of Western PA Sai Ho Chung Spring 2006 pdf
Family Services of Western PA Spring 2005
Family Services of Western PA Fall 2004
Family Services of Western PA (Chen) Spring 2005
Family Services of Western PA (Erbay) Spring 2005
Family Services of Western PA (Shah) Spring 2005
Family Tyes Guatam Vasudev Spring 2007 pdf
First Charities/First United Methodist Church Chung-wai Lau Spring 2002 pdf
Friendship Development Association David Gauthier Spring 1999 pdf
Garfield Jubilee Association, Inc. David Wilke Fall 1999 pdf
Gateway to the Arts Karthik Arun Koteeswaran Fall 2007
Gateway to the Arts Phoebe Wu Spring 2006 pdf
Gerri Holden Ministries Kate Stepp Spring 2008 pdf
Girl Scouts Trillium Council Allison Rozwat Fall 2006 pdf
Glen Hazel Family Reading Center, Administration Gary Stowasser Fall 1999 pdf
Glen Hazel Family Reading Center, Library Collection Felix Alvarez Spring 1998 pdf
Good Grief Center Fall 2004
Greater Community Pittsburgh Food Bank Jianlin Wu Spring 2006 pdf
Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank Spring 2005
Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank Fall 2003
Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council Spring 2005
Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council Fall 2004
Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council -Technology Fall 2003
Green Meadow Apartments Zeb Drivdahl Fall 1999 pdf
Greenfield Senior Center Dean Jackson Spring 1998 pdf
Groups Against Smog and Pollution, Inc. Jamie Ellenbogen Fall 2007
Guide Runners Alissa Briggs Spring 2007 pdf
Gwen’s Girls Sheila Wang Fall 2002 pdf
Gwen's Girls Spring 2005
Hazelwood Senior Center Matt McHenry Fall 1998 pdf
Heritage Health Foundation Inc Arvind Shrihari Fall 2008 pdf
Heritage Health Foundation Inc Sonya J. Wierman Spring 2007 pdf
Hill House Association Spring 2005
Hill House Association Spring 2004
Hill House Association Chirag Nangia & Boris Danev Spring 2003 pdf
Hill House Association John Steggles Fall 2002 pdf
Hill House Association - After School Program Spring 2005
Hill House Association, Community Access Network Chang Woo "Sean" Kim Spring 2000 pdf
Hill House Association, Education & Support Services Omar Zevallos Spring 2000 pdf
Hill House Association, Executive Office Jacob Bordens Spring 2000 pdf
Hill House Association, Senior Services John Yuen Spring 2001 pdf
Hill Oakland Collaborative - Job Links Suparna Rajan Spring 2003 pdf
Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh Alex Volkovitsky Spring 2007 pdf
Hosanna House, Computer Lab George Haff Spring 1999 pdf
Hosanna House, Multi-Media Center Amy Hseih Fall 2001 pdf
Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania Meghna Shah Spring 2006 pdf
Howard Levin Clubhouse Spring 2004
Human Services Center Corporation Wei Xiao Fall 2006 pdf
Hunger Services Association Spring 2004
Hunger Services Network Chitra Kalyanaraman Fall 2002 pdf
Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers Hong-Lean Shirley Hsin Spring 2007 pdf
Jane Holmes Residence Aaron Rankin Spring 2003 pdf
Jewish Family & Children Services Spring 2005
Jewish Family & Children's Service Aarthi Prasad Spring 2007 pdf
Joy-Full-Gospel Fellowship After School Program Hsin-ee Chia Spring 2002 pdf
Junior League of Pittsburgh Ziwon Hyung Fall 2008
Just Harvest Spring 2005
Just Harvest Fall 2003
KEYS Service Corps Anusha Raveendranan Fall 2007
Keys Service Corps Fall 2004
KidsVoice Harish Murphy Spring 2007 pdf
Kingsley Association Spring 2004
Lawrenceville Development Corporation Khalid El-Arini Fall 2001 pdf
League of Young Voters Rebecca Shore Spring 2006 pdf
Light of Life Family Assistance Program Anushka Nethisinghe Spring 2001 pdf
Light Of Life Rescue Mission Franklin Ho Fall 2008
Longe Dominica KC Choi Fall 2008 pdf
Lydia's Place, Inc. Deepa Padmanabhan Fall 2007
Madison Elementary School Matthew Hardy Spring 2001 pdf
Manchester Academic Charter School Roger Smith Spring 1999 pdf
Mattress Factory Sateja Parulekar Spring 2008 pdf
McKees Rocks Terrace Laurel Margulis Fall 1999 pdf
McKeesport Collaborative Don Kendall Spring 2002 pdf
McKelvy Elementary School, Principal's Office Vishal Radhakrishnan Spring 2001 pdf
McKelvy Elementary School, Technology Coordinator/Teacher Heather Devine Spring 2001 pdf
Mental Health Association of Allegheny County Jessica Mink Fall 2006 pdf
Mentorship Partnership of Southwestern PA James Hay Fall 2008
Message Carriers Konstantin Sykulev Fall 2006 pdf
Methodist Union of Social Agencies Gregory Acton Spring 1998 pdf
Miller Elementary School, Principal's Office Meenakshi Delory Spring 2001 pdf
Mission Discovery Spring 2005
Mon Valley Initiative--Community Outreach Office Bang "Mark" Seo Spring 2002 pdf
Mon Valley Initiative--Executive Office Le Wang Spring 2002 pdf
Mon Valley Initiative--Technology Office Paul Ip Spring 2002 pdf
Mon Valley Initiative--Workforce Development Program Stephanie Mojon Spring 2002 pdf
Mon Valley Providers Council, Employment & Training Ron Urwongse Fall 2000 pdf
Mon Valley Providers Council, Special Projects Jerome Berclaz Fall 2000 pdf
Mon Valley Providers Council, Technology Management Team Chi Shen Spring 2002 pdf
Mon Valley Resources Unlimited Alfredo Rojas Fall 2005 pdf
Mon Valley Unemployed Committee Spring 2005
Mon Valley Unemployment Committee Mon Valley Ali Imam Fall 2002 pdf
Mon Valley Unemployment Committee Mon Valley Joshua Horan Spring 2000 pdf
Mon Yough Community Services Shan Jiang Spring 2006 pdf
Mount Ararat Community Activities Center Indrani Mondal Fall 2002 pdf
Mount Ararat Community Activities Center, Computer Center Christophe Tourney Fall 2000 pdf
Mount Ararat Community Activities Center, Executive Office Joshua Axelrad Fall 2000 pdf
Myasthenia Gravis Association of Western Pennsylvania Ayush Raman Spring 2008 pdf
NAACP National Voter Fund Roman Mitz Spring 2001 pdf
NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania Patrick Correa Spring 2003 pdf
National Association of Minority Contractors/Black Contractors Association Ernest Lessenger Fall 2001 pdf
National Council of Jewish Women, Pittsburgh Chapter Shirley Leow Fall 2008 pdf
National Kidney Foundation of the Alleghenies Lakshmi Chidambaram Fall 2007
NEED Roland Flury & Alexander Dovgopoly Spring 2003
Nego Gato, Inc. Scott McCaffrey Spring 2008 pdf
New Beginnings Learning Center David Nolan & Jesse Starflower Spring 1998
New Penley Place Masha Kovarsky Spring 1999
Northside Coalition for Fair Housing Jennifer Louie Spring 2002
Northside Institutional Children Youth Ministry Carla Sereny Spring 1999
NorthSide Leadership Conference Ankit Jhaveri Spring 2007 pdf
Northside Leadership Conference Fall 2003
Northside Leadership Conference, Residential Dev. Fall 2003
Northview Heights Family Support Center-Administrative Support Filipe Fortes Spring 1999
Northview Heights Family Support Center-Executive Office Abram Shapiro Fall 1998
OASIS Senior Center Marc-Eric Uldry Spring 2000
Onyx Women Network Fall 2004
Opera Theater of Pittsburgh Spring 2005
Operation Better Block Richard Ekwall Fall 1999
Operation Weed and Seed Michael Olson Spring 2003
Orr Compassionate Care Center Roger Reed Fall 1999
Outreach Teen & Family Services Andrew Mar Spring 2001
PAAR (Perini) Spring 2005
PAAR (Reed) Spring 2005
PAAR (Reed) Fall 2004
PAAR (Reed) Fall 2003
Parental Stress Center Spring 2005
Parental Stress Center Shannon Scott Fall 2001
Pennsylvania Biodiversity Partnership Audra-Breanne Dove Spring 2006 pdf
Pennsylvania Low Income Housing Coalition Nate Borrebach Fall 2002
People’s Oakland, Executive Office Kripa Sundararajan Fall 2000
People’s Oakland, Information Technology Amit Mirpuri Spring 2001
People’s Oakland, Information Technology Michael Schatz Fall 2000
People's Oakland Nicolas Wolff Spring 2007 pdf
People's Oakland Chunlin John Hu Fall 2006 pdf
PHASE 4 Learning Center, Inc. Yoshinari Nomura Fall 2006  
Phipps Conversatory Venkatesh Viswanathan Fall 2007
Pittsburgh Action Against Rape Rosella Cheung & Shilpa Desau Spring 2003
Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education Clara Kang Fall 2007
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Leith Weston Fall 2007
Pittsburgh Family Focus Deepa Vivekanandan Fall 2007
Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network Tonya Groover Fall 2006 pdf
Pittsburgh Mediation Center Spring 2005
Pittsburgh Mediation Center Crystal Hsiung Spring 2003
Pittsburgh Mediation Center Jared Silver Spring 2002
Pittsburgh Social Venture Partners Jacob Albertson Spring 2006 pdf
Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library Ram Narayan Seshadri Spring 2007 pdf
Pittsburgh Vision Services Christopher Dornfeld Spring 2001
Pittsburgh Voyager Marcin Jeske Fall 1999
Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra Ponthep Sethiwan Spring 2007 pdf
POISE Foundation Fall 2003
Program for Health Care to Underserved Populations Jennifer Li Spring 2003
Program for Health Care to Underserved Populations Michael Burlando Spring 2001
ProjectEducate Ting Tong Fall 2006 pdf
Providence Family Support Center Andrew Kim Spring 1999 pdf
Radio Information Service Monica Ullagaddi Fall 2001
Reading is Fundamental, Pittsburgh Fall 2003
Regional Coalition of Community Builders Fall 2003
River Valley School Amish Bhatt Spring 2002
Rodef Shalom Spring 2005
Rodef Shalom Andrew Dubois Spring 2002
Rodman Street Missionary Baptist Church Spring 2004
Ronald McDonald House Charities - Pittsburgh Spring 2004
Rosedale Block Cluster Alana Frome Fall 2005
Rosedale Block Cluster -- Fall 2000
Rx-Council Spring 2004
Sacred Heart Elem. (Wood) Fall 2004
Sacred Heart Elementary School Daniel Dvinov Spring 2006 pdf
Sacred Heart Elementary School Spring 2004
Salvation Army Family Crisis Center Suparna Saha Fall 2000
Sarah Heinz House Jamar Parris Fall 2006 pdf
Schenley Heights Community Development Helder Rocha Spring 2006 pdf
Schenley Heights Community Development Center Spring 2004
Second East Hills Social Services Center Yeong Zann Seow Fall 2002
Shady Lane Mun Thye Mak Spring 2008 pdf
Sharry Everett Scholarship Fund Spring 2005
Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church Wendy Shutt Spring 2007 pdf
Slow Food Pittsburgh Marissa Hale Fall 2008 pdf
Society for Contemporary Craft Skyler Ahn Fall 2008
Society of St. Vincent de Paul Hannah Lee Fall 2008 pdf
Southwest Pennsylvania Area Health Education Center Boyeon Lee Fall 2001
St. James School--Computer Technology Program Bei "Michelle" Lei Fall 2000
St. Stephen Elementary School, Technology Center Steve Yang Spring 1999
St. Stephen Elementary School, Technology Education Benjamin Kutler Spring 1998
Steel City Sports World Raphael Mun Spring 2008 pdf
Storehouse For Teachers Nirav Patel Spring 2008 pdf
Sustainable Pittsburgh Kevin Purtell Spring 2006 pdf
The Community House Deborah Cherry Spring 1998 pdf
The Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh Ashwin G. Gayash Fall 2007
The HUB Alexander Burgel Fall 2000 pdf
The HUB - Downtown Street Outreach Center Kenan Hastor Fall 2002 pdf
The Pennsylvania Environmental Council Ezekiel Charlesworth Fall 2007
The Pittsburgh Foundation Gayatri Rajamani Fall 2006 pdf
The Preservation Mario Pedro Leonel Fall 2007
The Storehouse Fall 2004
The Wesley Institute Spring 2005
Thomas Merton Center Ross Kukulinsky and Nandini Prema Subramanian Fall 2007
Thomas Merton Center Spring 2005
Thomas Merton Center Spring 2004
Three Rivers Center for Independent Living Yong-Wook "Andy" Kang Spring 2000
Three Rivers Youth Spring 2005
Three Rivers Youth Mike Livanos Fall 2002
TLC-USA Spring 2005
TRCIL Services, Inc. Perry Chu Fall 2008 pdf
Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments Spring 2004
Tzu Chi Pittsburgh Ren Wen Chinese School Spring 2005
Union Project Kelly Kilgour Fall 2007
Union Project Halloran Parry Spring 2006 pdf
United Cerebral Palsy Spring 2004
Urban League Fall 2003
Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh Yen-Wen Liu Fall 2007
Urban Youth Action, Inc. Sandra Gani Spring 2003
Ursuline Services Daniel Shaykevich Fall 2000
Vintage Senior Center Paul Wolpe Spring 1999
Volunteers Of America: Working Order Mi Koo Spring 2008 pdf
Wesley Center A.M.E. Zion Church Spring 2004
West Pittsburgh Partnership Casey Helfrich Fall 2000
West Pittsburgh Partnership, Communications Hiu Yu "Jenny" Lo Fall 2001
Wireless Neighborhood Spring 2004
Wireless Neighborhoods Nikkolos White Spring 2007 pdf
Wireless Neighborhoods Suvrat Chakradeo Spring 2006
Wireless Neighborhoods Spring 2005
Women and Girls Foundation James Kong Fall 2008
Women's Enterprise Center Quentin Nie Fall 2001
Working Order Spring 2004
Working Order Andrew Violentyev Spring 1999
YMCA McKeesport Sirisha Pillalamarri Fall 2005 N/A
YMCA Senior AIDE Program Angela Ho Spring 2003
YMCA Senior AIDES Center Liya Kopylovsky Fall 1999
YMCA, Hazelwood Spring 2005
Youth Fair Chance Ira Leon Fay Spring 1998
YouthBuild Kevin Forde Spring 2000
YWCA Bridge Housing Claudio Favi Fall 2000
YWCA of McKeesport Seema Shah Spring 2001