Students - How It Works

Course Expectations:

Through this course you will learn to use a capacity-building consulting model and will have the opportunity to apply it in your work with the Community Partner.

As a consultant, it is critical that you be able to analyze, organize ideas and information and communicate well. Subsequently, reading, writing, discussing, and making presentations are major components of this course. It is through writing that you develop the analysis and acquire the consulting skills the course is designed to teach. You will also prepare a final consulting report that goes to the Community Partner as well as the instructor. This report gets published as a set of reports that are then distributed throughout the community. Your report also goes on the course web site. This course is an excellent opportunity to practice the communication (oral and written) skills that will help you in your career. You will be given the outline for the reports you must write. The hard part is simply determining what to say and then saying it!