Carnegie Mellon University

Suzette Gambone

Suzette Gambone

Senior Managing Officer, Digital Transformation and Innovation Center, Heinz College, CMU

4615 Forbes Ave.
Fourth Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Suzette is the Senior Managing Officer of the Digital Transformation and Innnovation Center sponsored by PwC.  In this capacity, Suzette is responsible for the execution of the Center's overall strategy, as well as overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Center and it's research portfolio.

Suzette has worked in the field of academic research operations since 2007.  Prior to joining the Digital Transformation and Innovation Center in 2017, she began her career at Carnegie Mellon at The Robotics Institute, managing the research operations of Professor Takeo Kanade and his team of nearly 30 researchers and graduate students.  Following her work with Professor Kanade, she continued her career at CMU as the Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer at the Software Engineering Institute.  Suzette’s wide range of research operations experience includes managing all stages of the project lifecycle, from inception to closing deliverables, as well as managing budgets (both large and small-scale), project teams, day to day onsite operations, sponsor relations, and organizing events and technical talks.  Her project management experience incorporates projects in fields including Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Cybersecurity, Risk, and Machine Learning.

Suzette is a graduate of Westminster College with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  Outside of work, she enjoys sharing her love of travel, exercise, and the outdoors with her husband and 3 children.