Carnegie Mellon University

Below is information that will assist with logging in to the SPARCS system.  If after using the information below you still run in to issues, please submit a help desk request or call the SPARCS Help Desk at (412) 268-3485.

To connect to the Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance System (SPARCS) Conflict of Interest (COI) module from off campus, you will first need to be running the Cisco Anyconnect General Use VPN Client.  We have created documentation for SPARCS and using VPN [PDF] to assist you with logging in.
To log in to the SPARCS COI system you must have an active AndrewID and password.  To assist you if you do not know your AndrewID and/or password, we have created a guide outlining steps to determine your AndrewID or reset your password [PDF].

If you run into any issues logging into SPARCS with Internet Explorer (or any other web browser)

Error message examples include:

  • HTTP 403 error page
  • IdP message did not meet security requirements

Retype the URL into your browser: to login