Theme Workshop Speakers

Re-Positioning the Post-Industrial City in the Global Economy

Jennifer S. Vey
Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program, The Brookings Institution

Paul D. Gottlieb
Associate Professor of Agricultural, Food, and Research Economics,
Rutgers University

Post-Industrialism and the Physical City

John Thompson
Honorary President, The Academy of Urbanism, and Chairman,
John Thompson & Partners, London, England

Alan Mallach
Senior Fellow, National Housing Institute and the Center for
Community Progress

The 21st Century City as Innovation Hub

Giuseppe Ruotolo
Innovation Policy Officer, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

Thanassis Rikakis
Vice Provost for Design, Arts & Technology, Carnegie Mellon University

Urban Systems, Infrastructure, and the Post-Industrial City

Gordon Price
Director, City Program, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

Vivian Loftness
Professor, School of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University

Planning and Social Innovations for Post-Industrial Cities

Hank Dittmar
Special Advisor to HRH The Prince of Wales for Global Urbanism,
London, England

Mindy Fullilove
Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Clinical Sociomedical Sciences,
Columbia University