The first (and only) Remaking Cities Conference was held in Pittsburgh in 1988. The primary focus was the precipitous decline of industrial cities and regions in North America and Europe in the 1980's. Prince Charles was the Honorary Chair and keynote speaker. Post-industrial regions continue to face challenges today, with some achieving positive transformation and others still in decline. Now, twenty-five years later, was a good time to assess, to share best practices from both sides of the Atlantic, and to craft a new agenda for post-industrial cities. 

Prince Charles served again as the Honorary Chair and provided the keynote address via pre-recorded video. The major partners of the Congress were the Remaking Cities Institute of Carnegie Mellon University and the American Institute of Architects. 

Although the Congress had several major international speakers and panel presentations, this was primarily a working convening. The core of the Congress was spent in facilitated working sessions to discuss lessons learned, best practices, and directions for the future of post-industrial cities.

Major Partners